Staples Product Replacement Planproduct replacement plan (a scam)

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Staples aggressively sells product replacement plans. They used to be an option to create a "worry free" purchase. If something went wrong with merchandise purchased under the agreement, all you needed to do was bring it back to the store and it was replaced. Nobody wants to deal with manufacturers and this was an enticing offer.

But things changed and now Staples misrepresents this product. The still sell it very aggressively at checkout and still sells it as worry free easy protection. But now you can't bring the product back to the store. You must call an 800 number and at times it goes to India. And now a new twist: THERE IS NO COVERAGE THE FIRST YEAR. The 800 line will tell you that YOU MUST CALL THE MANUFACTURER AND DEAL WITH THEM YOURSELF. This is a scam, not a protection plan. They take your money - that is all.

There is better (cheaper) protection just paying with an American Express Card that doubles the factory warranty FOR FREE.

I am very surprised that Staples made this business decision. At at time when Amazon can offer consumer products with excellent service at a lower price, these kind of moves are very risky. As well, Staples (guaranteed) will lose a customer every time he calls the 800 number and gets frustrated and feels taken. DO NOT BUY THESE PLANS FROM STAPLES. The fact they think the public can be easily duped shows an arrogance of their management coupled with stupidity similar to Netflix. I wish them luck - as after 10 years of my company supporting Staples, we will now order all supplies on line.

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  • Lu
      Jan 15, 2012

    I just bought an item with a PRP added without my permission. I asked the vendor how much the item was. The tech guy told me it cost $20 something and comes with a 2-year warranty. I thought the item itself costs that much AND comes with the warranty, when in fact I was paying $4.99 extra for that PRP. I did not realized this while at the store. I am going to the store tomorrow to get a refund or return it. Sleazy tactic!

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