Standard Bank South Africa / home loan structural insurance

Cape Town, South Africa

We have insurance and required our tile to be fixed as it got cracked by accident. A contractor came out to look at the tile however wanted to fit a new bathroom top instead as he indicated that Standard Bank Home Loan Insurance does not cover tiles although they are fixed and part of the construction home building! This contractor informed us that he does not specialise in tiles and does not want to touch this job and blamed the developer. The house has been built 2 years ago. I called Standard Bank Insurance Department who confirmed that they dont include kitchen tiles however can not tell me where it states that in our policy. I have asked how I can get cover then but could not get an answer and was told to lodge a complaint. I have and at two occasions were given a false email address. Have mailed other departments with no response to date. 6 weeks later??? This is STANDARD BANK HOME LOAN INSURANCE for you.

Oct 26, 2018

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