Standard Bank South Africa / home loan structural insurance

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The service providers that were assigned to my storm damage claim have done Half of the job that the insurance instructed them to do and have not been back for 3 weeks, They do not answer my phone calls or email, I lodged 2 complaints last week on the insurance online website and another on Tuesday with the standard bank claims department and have had no feedback whatsoever, Terrible service and if the matter is not resolved soon I will definitely be moving my insurance elsewhere as this is not how business should be done.

I have now got pieces of raw floors and only a 3rd of a ceiling, I'm living out of boxes as the cupboards were ripped out but new cupboards were never installed.

Standard bank could atleast have the decency to let the clients know what the next step is if they cannot get hold of the contractor!

Oct 18, 2018

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