standard bank of south africaorder against my bank overdraft

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I have been using the overdraft facility almost five years but now all of a sudden the service was taken away without proper consultation.I feel this is extremely harsh beyod explanation because this is partialy my way of life and I would never rob the bank or have intentions of emmigrating away with the bank balances. I live here, I have been living here paying all that I`m required to pay and no one has ever offered to pay for me neither did at any stage the bank allowed me to skip an unpayed intallment or instalments.
So I am appealling for mercy.
Please remove this order against my overdraft.

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  • Ph
      Aug 15, 2018
    Standard Bank South Africa - Wizard 247 assist possible fraud
    South Africa

    I have received an sms from ********** 441 saying my wizard247 debit will run 17 June 2018 sold by Royal Mark ********** 149 ref ROYALMARK0ROYALM ********** ********** ********** 0 and I have NOT signed up for ANY such debit order!

    Please URGENTLY assist as I do not take lightly to be defrauded

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  • Di
      Sep 05, 2018
    Standard Bank South Africa - Beware of Standard Bank Home Loan. Standard bank inside mafia auction my property and bought it
    South Africa

    Standard bank inside mafia. Collusion between standard employee and standard lawyers results in the auction of my home of which the buyer is the same employee from standard bank. He made attempt to gain access to property in 2016 without following due process.

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  • Mn
      Sep 05, 2018
    Standard Bank South Africa - home loan not fixed, insurance claims not processing claims and not returning emails, unathorised debit orders
    South Africa

    I have been calling have my home loan rate fixed but no assistance up to date my life has come to a standstill because this account is not fixed.

    after the floods I have been calling no one has returned my calls and emails to process my claims yet I am

    I have a debit of R99.00 that I have to reverse every month and sick and tired of it!!!

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