Standard Bank / non existent service from the pip department

United States

We submitted an offer to purchase a property currently owned by Standard Bank Properties In Possession (PIP). After three weeks and at least 100 phone calls, 50 e-mails and numerous attempts by the agent to contact the PIP department we STILL don't know whether our offer has been accepted or rejected.

The personnel from PIP's phones are always engaged and phoning the [protected]) number results in your call being inexplicably dropped or you holding on for 30 minutes + before giving up. I'm pretty sure that phones are actually taken off the hook.

E-mail requests, when they get answered, usually make promises that are never delivered on i.e. 'a letter with the result of your offer will be forwarded to you by LATEST tomorrow morning' (we're still waiting a couple of days later).

I've even logged a complaint on Standard Bank's website using the complains tool; however, the turnaround time according to the e-mail I received is 8 DAYS. WHAT, 8 DAYS to look at a complaint. Come on! And I'm still waiting on any sort of communication after logging the complaint about 6 days ago.

If you're planning to buy a PIP property from SBSA, just walk away.


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