Standard Bankabusive services

Its quite remarkable how Standard bank has been treating me as of lately.
I am currently in the USA on a trip, and will be here for quite some time, and for the past three weeks access to my money has been denied, by the bank that I have to call Africa's most valuable bank. Understand my frustration, I have left South Africa ALONE to go to a country I have never been only to find out that I Have no money... which means should I want to buy something... I can't. Should I need to get a hotel... I can't. Should I find myself hungry... so be it. It's been three weeks and NOTHING. STANDARD BANK HAS PUT ME AT VERY HIGH OF BEING STRANDED IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY WITH NOWHERE TO GO AND NO FOOD TO EAT. Now tell me how is this even legal?

Dec 21, 2014

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