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Contact information: is full of false advertising. Their ads promise you no hassle, low cost mailing, "without having to pay for a meter". In reality, you pay a monthly fee, you can't simply "print postage", unless you print a full envelope with address details. If you want to print stamps, you need to buy stamp paper from them (for a hefty price). If you want to print parcel postage - you need special lables from them (ditto on the price), and if you want to send international first-class mail - you CAN'T, because you either need their specialty stamp paper, or the program treats your mailing as a package, and you need to print out export forms (for a birthday card...)!

We tried them at our office, and went back to our postage meter and USPS Online - it's cheaper and less hassle.

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      30th of Mar, 2010
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    In response to the below text, I would like to warn people. Even if you get through to to cancel your account and they tell you your account is closed (over the phone and with confirmation via email); Don't believe a word they say. Keep an eye on your monthly credit card charges. Do not assume that even if you don't see charges from them, they're done with you. We've been trying to close our account for about a year. We have been given confirmation that it has been closed and yet, 2 months after closing it, we continue to get billed.
    The only way to stop the charges is to dispute them every month with your credit card company. Everytime a charge is reversed, the offending company has to pay a fee. I know it's a hassle, but for now it is the ONLY way to keep them from charging you.
    Oh, by the way. If you cancel your credit card, you will receive collection notices from Stamps. They will wear you down and you might be tempted, like me, just to pay the month they say they will minimize the charges to, but you have to open another account to pay them. You might be like me and say, "I don't want another account, give me a different way to pay." You can try this until you're blue in the face. They will not accept payment any way other than setting up another account.
    Right now, I'm complaining to the BBB of Los Angelos (where is headquartered). I have also informed my credit card company to be on the lookout for any further fraudulent charges from Stamps. They work on my behalf to kick those charges out. I suggest that every does the same.

    "Posted: 2008-05-14 by Debra A. Young [send email]

    Don't waste your money!
    I found a way to cancel. There is a phone number on the Better Business Bureau Los Angeles site. As of May 14, 2008 there were 736 complaints regarding this issue on BBB. It is impossible to get through the 1-888 customer service number. To cancel, call (310) 482-5800. Press �..."

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