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Sorry this is going to be really long but I promise worth reading. It's not just a gripe session but a valid complaint.

I've been printing postage online for several years now, for business and personal use. I generally use because they are the Unites States post office and are fairly easy to use. Not perfect by any stretch but certainly accessible and it does save me a trip to the post office. But if I want to print exact first class postage, I have to go to the post office. If I want to do that online, they send me to That's where the fun begins.

Today, I decided I didn't want to put 3 stamps on an envelope that only required two plus a few cents more postage. So I go for the "free trial" at which promises the moon and delivers absolutely nothing!!!

First, I learned after registering for my "free trial, " that this wasn't my first time registering with these dolts. Then I remember, oh yeah, I did sign up with them before, and cancelled because I couldn't figure out how to use their freakin' crazy software. Every single thing I clicked on wanted to sell me some product. Nowhere could I find a page to just print my first class postage. So I click the help button for printing postage to envelopes. I get this whole list of "problems" to choose from and not one addressed how to simply print some first class postage on a label to attach to my envelope, or to print directly to my envelope. How about some simple instructions to print postage people?!!!

So they suggest you sign up for one of their webinars, which by the way, are handled by third party trainers and are fee based!!!

I just want to print $1.22 in postage today, not pay for a class tomorrow on how to use!!!

Trying to buy $1.22 in postage from them was 100 times worse, more frustrating and time consuming than getting in my car, driving to the local P.O., standing in line for fifteen minutes to get my envelope weighed and postage applied.

BTW, the whole reason I wanted to use an onlive service to begin with is not because I'm a fat lazy pig who just wants to sit in my chair all day. I'm disabled with nerve damage from a botched surgery a few years ago. Printing postage online would be a huge service to me as getting in an out of my car is not easy, and standing in a line at the post office is extremely painful and sets me back for a couple of days. I have to schedule my outings very carefully just to function from day to day. would be a fabulous service - if they offered any service. Oh, and there's no contact information anywhere, which is the most frustrating thing of all. What kind of company gives no physical address or even an email contact form? With something like this, you'd think there would be some simple connections, like "click here for technical support." I had a heckuva time finding a phone number and couldn't tell you where I did finally find it - I doubt I'd find it again.

Then when I called to cancel the "service" for lack of service, the poor telemarketer has to give his spiel to try to get me to stay with them. I said if they just had a live chat or an email address or even a snail mail address where I could send my concerns and know that I was heard, I'd probably give them a shot again. He was not very well trained - think it was his first day on the job. He should have said, "Ma'am, tell me what you'd like to convey to and I'll be sure management gets your message." I asked the guy, "can you give me an address where I can write to them to express my concerns, or an email address or something?" He tells me all he has is an address for billing!

Sorry about all the !!! - get the idea I'm more than a bit frustrated?

Here's the bottom line for me, they don't give a damn whether I'm their customer or not. Obviously they have enough other customers who don't have any problem using their site they don't need my $15.99 per month. What's one customer to them? Sorry, we all know word of mouth is the best - or worst - advertising and I'm telling the world I'm not happy with you!

I've been using the Internet for at least 15 years and don't usually have problems figuring things out. But this one made me crazy today.

I really, really hate complaining. I love to encourage and compliment people and companies when they do a good job. It takes a lot for me to give a company a negative rating. I hope somebody at reads this and things improve. I'd love to use their service AND give them a great rating. Come on, you can do it!!!

My recommendation, until they get these issues resolved (if ever, ) go to the post office.


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