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Sst Card Services / Unable to use SST credit card

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I, too, used to have a WAMU card. Ever since SST took over servicing the account for Columbia Bank & Trust who bought the account, I have had nothing but trouble. Today I attempted to use the card and it was declined. When I called to find out why, I could not access my account. After twenty minutes and four phone calls to try to get a person (there is no such option... Just don't press any buttons and eventually someone will come on the line), I was told I had never activated my new card, which is preposterous since I have used the new card. These people are rude, unconcerned and downright stupid. If your credit card is taken over by SST, I recommend paying it off and closing the account.

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  • Sh
      16th of May, 2007
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    I am having problems using my credit card ever since SST bought my account from WAMU and I have tried several time to call your customer service line and every time after I put in the last 4 digits of my social security the system hangs up on me. I have access to my account on line and from there it doesn't seem like there is anything wrong with my account.

    However, I tried to use the card yesterday and it was denied. Is there a number I can call to talk to a real person and not an automated system? I am getting real frustrated with the situation.

  • Pa
      23rd of Aug, 2007
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    When my WAMU card was switched to SST, it was repeatedly declined. When I called WAMU they would not give me any information as SST had my card/balance. I was told by SST that they would not reissue a card to me as I had a "history of late Payments". I had to argue about that as well--twice in 2 years I had been late--when I was I paid double the limit required. This is a complete joke!

  • Dw
      4th of Sep, 2007
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    I am in the same boat. My WAMU card, which I loved, was sold to SST. It has been an absolute nightmare. Although I use my card frequently, I have never been late on a payment, and indeed, I do not carry a month to month balance. I tried using it one day and it was declined. Upon speaking to customer service I was told it was closed because it wasn't being used. When I had them verify the usage, they told me that it was indeed being used but I had asked them to close it. I had not. I am consistenly told that my account will be researched and someone will call me. My balance is again paid in full, but I actually now have a credit of over $100.00. I have never received one explanation nor one phone call. I am told I will receive my check from SST for my credit balance in 7 - 10 days. I doubt it, but we'll see. My advice - if your account is not closed, pay it off and close it. If it is closed, leave it that way.

  • Sh
      23rd of Sep, 2007
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    I too am not able to use my card, somehow I was declined for trying to use a $7.00 transaction, how embarrassing is that, I had them rerun it 4 times, it makes me look like an idiot, even though I know I paid more than the billing amount that was due. I tried calling the company, of course they are closed on the weekend when it is more convenient for the customer, the website is no longer available online, and the automated system cannot locate the last 5 transactions either, this is ridiculous! I have been in the customer service field for 16 years with different types of companies and I have not ever seen anything as awful as this is! I hope the suit others are doing against this company will correct these problems.

  • Ca
      2nd of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have been trying to access the website to make a payment, can't get on it and can't get a LIVE person on the phone either.

  • An
      27th of Jan, 2008
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    I too had a WAMU account in good standing until SST bought the account. Since then, it has been a nightmare!! I closed this account as soon as I realized what type of company it is and am attempting to pay the account off; however, they continually change the due date on the account and charge exhorbitant fees if it is not paid by their arbitrary due date.

  • Cj
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    I to had a wamu account in good standing until they sold to SST since then i have not recieved a statement from them through the mail they have charged an outragous finance charge why should i have to pay for some one else mistakes in not recieveing proper statements.

  • Te
      3rd of Nov, 2008
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    I had a credit card with Washington Mutual. I even bought the credit protection in case I became disabled. Guess what happened? I became ill with a rare disorder which caused me to become blind.
    Washington Mutual had charged my card with the total $200 for the protection.
    Then one day I recieved a letter from SST stating that they had bought my card. They did not honor the disability protection.
    My husband just recently lost his job because the plant closed down. Now my family and I are living on my husband's unemployment and my disability check. I have tried to work with SST to make payment arrangements, but they refuse to work with me.
    They call me constantly. I wish there was something that I could do.
    Teresa Mealer

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