Sst Card ServicesUnlawful billing tactics and arbitrary fees!


This company has seemingly broken an amount or laws be defrauding many people with their unlawful billing tactics and arbitrary fees. I am seeking class action suit against them as I see there have been numerous complaints against them for the same thing. Please send me an email with your current standing with this “company” and some details about your account and the fraudulent billing they have committed against you and let’s stop this company and get restitution once and for all.

Beware people!


  • Al
    Alexandra Jung Oct 16, 2006

    Providian sold my account to them and increased my interest. I have 2 I took out a loan to pay them off and now I am screwing finance charges for 16 to 18 dollars. This company is horrible. It has caused so much stress.

    I feel like the only way to get rid off these is to transfer the balance to a mastercard or an express.

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  • Gl
    Glenn M Boyd Oct 18, 2006

    I recently had a episode with my credit card, SST kept calling my Home and leaving a message for me to call them. They did not state what it was in regards to. Point is I had called them a month ago about why they were calling ,they stated they had no idea as my account was up to date. Now they still keep calling, I called again, now the menu stated my card was behind a payment, I received no other bill or notice stating this was the case, I sent off a double payment to them. What is up with these people? First of all if I had known they were a division of Chase Morgan, I would never do business with them. As far as I am concerned Chase should be Chased out of the country, after my dealings with them over a 7 year old auto lease. Definitely the masters of manipulating numbers. Does not surprise me that SST is the same.

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  • Fr
    Freeman Q. Makor Mar 22, 2007

    Mr. Kevin Pruner:

    I have dispute with the SST Card Services Department. My card balance was $196.06 on March 16, 2007. It is now $511. , $586. etc. The Service Department continue telling me to fax the balances or Affidavit to resolve the issue. I faxed the balances on March 16, 2007. The gentlemen I talked to on March 16, 2007 was to resolve the dispute when he told me to fax the balances. But the caller told me there no fax then later said there was a fax, I have the evidence to support that I faxed balances on 3/16/2007 at 1:39pm. I was called about my balance being over the limit 3/21/2007 again. That was resolved on March 16, 2007 when I faxed balances to 706-649-4808 and 706-649-4073 (Mrs. Taiffany Ayala and the gentlemen).

    Freeman Q. Makor
    214-563-0665 cell or 817-375-0242 home

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  • Ro
    Rocio Chavez Mar 23, 2007

    I just got a letter on the mail saying that one of my credit cards with a well known bank had been sold to SST Card Services. My account is up to date and is under its credit limit. I don't understand why this would happen and when I called my bank to ask, they told me they didn't know.

    Could anyone help me understand this?


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  • Ji
    Jim N. Mar 27, 2007

    Ugh, I also had my account sold to them, and came upon this page doing research. I was really happy with my Providian Washington Mutual account, I really liked the website and was pretty good about paying them on time, though I let my balance go up to the max, I have been steadily paying it down by $200 a month, I would have paid it off by July, but I guess they saw I was going to be less profitable since I've been trying to bring down my balance. F 'em, I'm paying it all off next month.

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  • Ma
    Mario Perez Mar 27, 2007

    I just found out my real nice WAMU Card was sold to this other company, I am really disappointed because a lot of services, I had before as online payments and FICO Score, they vanish from one day to another, I also was a good customer paying on time, if I find changes in the terms I will close the account.

    I am not willing to pay more fees to any of the sharks out there, besides we can not tolerate to be treated as second class citizens, is like buying and using a Mercedes for one year and then change to a geo metro with a higher payment, it should be illegal...

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  • Ju
    Julian Mar 27, 2007

    Just found out today my providian card was sold, WITHOUT MY CONSENT!. They had decent service with FICO credit scores and good online service.

    Now it is sold to SST Inc. and I want to close my account as soon as possible. The only thing is when I goto its not letting me into my account because it says the account number was entered wrong (I entered the number like 10 times to make sure it wasn't an error on my part) and when I try to log in through the phone it is saying my account is not in their system. Also no offer to speak to a customer rep, AT ALL.

    If anybody has had the same problem and rectified please let me know. I want to close my account or transfer the balance ASAP. I am never doing business with WAMU or Providian, again.

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  • Ta
    Tammi Amason Mar 28, 2007

    We also had a Providian account that was sold to SST. It's been nothing but a pain in my A$$. I sent a payoff check on 2/15/07 with a letter stating "close the account". I was thinking all was good and I have just now received a call saying I owe $11.45 and they will not write it off. I asked them what it was for and he said "finance charges". I told him that the account was closed and there shouldn't be any finance charges. He verified that the account was closed but there's still this balance. I asked when the payoff check was posted and he said 3/6. He informed me that if I didn't pay the finance charges that I would be charged a $39.00 late fee. He told me that I could pay $10 to have him process a payment for $11.45 and the account would have a $0 balance tonight. I'm soo irritated write now. I know that they can write that fee off, I guess they're mad because I paid the card off and they're not going to be able to milk me for any more additional fees.

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  • Ji
    Jim N. Mar 28, 2007

    Ya, got a look at their website tonight and the comparison between the Mercedes and Geo was apt (though I would say a brand new Mercedes with all of the bells and whistles and a 10 year old Geo without even an AM radio). Wow, that is really one of the worst financial-related sites I have ever seen. Thanks alot WAMU, you ###!

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  • Ro
    Romelia Pattillo Mar 29, 2007

    My account has been recently sold without my consent. I've never heard of sst before but this sounds really bad. My account was with Washington & i don't know how providian got involved in this? Can anyone respond with answers?

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  • De
    Demon Mar 29, 2007

    I got same story as all of you and first thing i will do tomorrow move all my saving to chase than file complain to banking department and if someone will file law suit against SST Card Services, count me in.

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  • Mn
    M N Mar 31, 2007

    I hate these ### .. my providian account sold. I pay and they call me because it takes forever to post to their website, yet charge high interest. Count me in for lawsuit.

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  • Br
    Brandon Allan Nord Apr 03, 2007

    I just found out about my account with Providian being sold to this SST company. Apparently, I now have an account with Columbus Bank and Trust who have contracted SST to collect on my account. My interest rate has risen to over 25% and they also tried to pressure me to pay over the phone for a fee. I tried to ask the gentleman where they were based out of, but he would only tell me that they were based in the Midwest. Shady. I haven't tried paying on-line yet but from what I've read, it doesn't look good. The consumer HAS to have some rights or privileges here. I did not sign up to do business with SST nor did any of us. PLEASE, let's get something going here. I'm all for being a part of a lawsuit.

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  • Al
    Alexandra Jung Apr 04, 2007

    Go to this page:

    Call these people cell 's if you have any questions. If they do NOT help you. I'm sure Missouri's governor, Matt Blunt, can do something. Send emails and letters, copies of statements every time, everyday, just like SST has done to you. Keeping the complaints flowing!!! Use email and letters with proof.

    This will help directly:

    Then email your own governor.

    It's a start, I'm sure with all the interest rates, and harassment no one could afford a lawyer. Consider it, " A state of Emergency."

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  • Fd
    fdynon Apr 04, 2007

    I also had my account sold to SST. After reading all the complaints I cant wait to pay these guys off! I tried to make a payment online, not sure if it applied. I would make another payment but I noticed that if you make payments that total 200.00 or more it takes 10 days to process! Whats up with that! Providian or Washington Mutual should not be able to sell your account without your permission! I didn't even know they could do that, and why would they want to when we have been a good customer with Washington Mutual. I'm sure this company has tons of complaints!

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  • Br
    Brandon Dorr Apr 05, 2007

    My account has just recently been sold. Neither companies recognize my account number. I tried emailing the people above, but no email addresses for SST work. Everything comes back as undeliverable. With no account number, I can't get at my info or statements. This is seriously pissing me off. How do I get my info, how can I let other credit card companies get my debt out of there?

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  • Br
    Brandon Dorr Apr 05, 2007

    See if this helps:

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  • Br
    Brandon Dorr Apr 05, 2007

    To get trough to SST, call 1-800-388-1806 and choose the option that says your card was stolen. They will get to right away. Then ask for a transfer to customer service. Cheap company with very little knowledgeable support.

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  • Ti
    Tina Apr 06, 2007

    I too had my account transferred to this "company". I have had my Wamu account for several years, never late, never over limit, often paid off completely. I don't understand why it was sold.

    Oh well, too bad for WaMu.

    After looking at SST's website I decided I didn't trust them with an online payment. (Plus, it says in their payment section that any payment over $200 will be held for 10 days! WTF! Hold my money for 10 days for what?) And I didn't want to send them a check so they could say they didn't get it or hold it. So I bit the bullet and paid an big fee to pay them off via Western Union quick collect. That way I have a clear paper trail and I know that received the money that day before they could tack on any "fees". I then sent them a cancel this account letter. No response from them yet. But I'm going to keep an eye on it, I don't trust them.

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  • Ch
    Christopher Fenner Apr 09, 2007

    SST Card Services did the same thing to me but i made a payment of$100 and then took $200 and still have NOT returned my money back, they just stoled it, and then sold my account now. When i call the new company to get some answers they say its the old company problem, and maybe in 90 days of so it will be returned to my account, put my on this law suite.

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  • Ss
    Ssm Apr 09, 2007

    I am also another one that is getting the raw end of the stick on this deal with Providian selling their accounts. Needless to say when I tried to pay my bill on-line my account number did not work, called them finally got that figured out two days before my bill was due. Said I wanted to pay it over the phone and they told me that there was a pretty big fee. So I decided to just do it on-line thinking that it would not take more than a day for them to process it... (i was wrong) Checked my account today and it looks as if they hit me with nearly forty dollars in fees because their dumb ### could not process it any faster than a day. Like everyone else is saying this does really suck.

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  • Ja
    Jason Z Apr 09, 2007

    SST just bought my WAMU card... after buying my Providian card two years ago. Now I have two accounts with them. They are horrible people!!!

    My former WAMU card was paid off in early March. Then SST took it over with a $0 balance on March 28th. In April, I received a statement with a $3.17 finance charge. I couldn't believe it. The card was paid off a month ago, before they were even in the picture. I called customer service, and they agreed to take the charge off. Then, ten minutes later a so called "supervisor" calls me, to say the charge will stand. He's terribly rude, and says it's for finance charges that are "backbilled" whatever that means. He says it's legal, and the membership agreement I signed, gives the company the right to do this. I said, I haven't even activated the card yet. So legally, I haven't agreed to anything, until that happens. He says, in that case... if I don't pay the $3.17 immediately my card can be charged off as bad debt and closed. It would have a negative impact on my credit report and score! Then he hangs up.

    So... I just wanted this over. I activated the card, and tried to pay online, but the website won't allow me to pay any charges less than $5. How nice, SST!!! Now, I have to mail it in. What a pain! This company has MAJOR ethical issues, and the people handling your credit are crooks. RUN, don't walk from doing business with SST.

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  • Ja
    Jayson Potts Apr 10, 2007

    I just received my letter stating that they sold my account, I sent in the payment I was supposed to but don't know if it has posted yet. If all this is true, which I am sure I will find out soon enough, I want in on the Law Suit also I was in the process of trying to buy a house if this is how they treat their customers then they have just screwed me. Thanks everyone for letting me know how SST really is. Donna P

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  • Je
    Jessica Burnett Apr 10, 2007

    This SST is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with. Could the stupid site give you any less information. An 8th grader could have created a better website. I also was sold by Providian to SST. Lawsuit? Count me in.

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  • Ev
    Eva Lynette Kizer Apr 11, 2007

    WaMu sold my account to SST. WaMu sent me a letter around mid-March stating that my account was sold, that I needed to destroy my old card and activate the new one contained in the letter. There was a phone number and a web site for SST. I activated the card and went to the web site. I found an address of P.O. Box 3997, St. Joseph, MO 64503 (the only one I could find) so I used this address to set up my online banking bill pay account.

    My bank says the physical check was received on 04/05/2007. The payment was due on 04/08/2007. I checked online today (04/11/2007) and no payment has been posted...just a $39 late fee and finance charges (off course). I called "customer service" and was told that I needed to check with my bank because if it came out of my checking account on 04/05/2007 then it would probably takes 10 days to get to them... I explained that 04/05/2007 was the "delivered by" date, but got nowhere. I called my bank (Bank of America) and we had a 3-way call. Then SST "customer service" said I had the "wrong address" and gave me P.O. Box 23060, Columbus GA 31902. They said the other address was a "corporate office" address and that the payment would have to be re-routed.

    Today, I can't even find the St. Joseph P.O. Box online anywhere?!?! I didn't print off the web page that I got it from, but I'm pretty sure it said something along the lines of "use this address to mail in payments...". Today, I can find no physical address or P.O. Box on the web site for physically mailing in a payment. When my bank asked the SST "customer service" rep if they would cancel the late fee, she just said I would have to call back in when they "received" the payment and ask to have it waived. I am not about to give them my bank routing/acct information. I plan to pay off this account next month, but I guess I will have to send in multiple payments of less than $200 to get it processed as it is "received".

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  • Ja
    Jason Z Apr 11, 2007

    It takes forever to pay off a SST account. Don't mail them, or pay online any amount over $199.99. Otherwise, it's held 10 days, and you will get a late fee of $39 in which they will not remove under ANY circumstances. My question is, for ten days where is this money? It's deducted from your back account immediately, but not posted for more than a week. So, where is it? In limbo?

    Also if you read the fine print, SST will only allow you to make so many payments a month, so many a week. I don't think you can pay $199.99 a day until the account is paid off, you have to do this with several days in between. Meanwhile, SST continues to collect interest by not allowing you to pay off the account in a timely manner.

    This company has the worst customer service of any credit card company I have ever experienced. They are clueless, make promises, and change their minds on a whim. You can't trust them.

    If you have to use your SST card, do so, but pay it off right away, don't wait for a bill. This way, you can avoid the very HIGH interest, and get by in situations where you might have to use their card, if it's your only option. I know my interest rate jumped from 17% with WAMU to 25.99% with SST. A customer service rep couldn't explain why... since I've never been late or missed a payment with WAMU. Again.. SST will suck you dry for every dime even if it means conducting business in a very "unethical" manner.

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  • Vi
    Vicki Apr 11, 2007

    I recently went to use my credit card and was told there was a problem so I called WAMU thats when I found out my account was sold to SST. My husband called to get account information and to see when we were going to get a statement. It took several times to talk to someone. When he asked what was going on and if he could make a payment they told him they wouldn't discuss the account and hung up on him. When we tried to go online it says it is a incorrect account number.
    Seems to me they are scamming everyone by not sending a statement so the can crank up the interest rates and late charges. They need to be stopped. I didn't apply for a card threw them I shouldn't have to deal with them.

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  • Ti
    Tina Apr 13, 2007

    These people are crooks. Period. I posted a few days ago that I paid off my entire CURRENT balance via Western Union quick collect to ensure that the got the payment fast and that I would have an independent paper trail.

    Well, I looked at the account online just now to see if it had been closed as I asked (I wrote a letter and sent it FedEx). Nope, not closed. Instead I have a $25.38 finance charge posted AFTER my payment posted. What the hell is the finance charge for. Note, that I made this payment exactly 6 days after it was officially switched over to them. I never used THEIR card. I used the Wamu card.

    Are they trying to tack on fees and hope I won't notice so that it grows and grows. It almost seems like they are trying to prevent me from paying them off.

    I'm going to pay it not because I owe it, but because I want to be done with these crooks. I'm not going to risk screwing up my credit fooling around with people who are obviously up to no good.

    If a class action suit ever materializes I will be more than happy to participate over my $25 damn dollars.

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  • Ad
    Adrian Apr 14, 2007

    My account was sold by wamu to sst without my consent... I still have yet to receive my replacement card in the mail and i have called them 2 times requesting it because i can't pay my bill and am not getting any documentation that reflects my balance. Is there anything i can do to fight back? So far I feel like they are intentionally trying to make my payments late so i get fees applied. I'm at a total loss at this point and plan on calling them 1st thing Monday morning to yell at them, assuming i can get a human being on the phone.

    Is there anything I can do?

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  • Ja
    Jason Z Apr 16, 2007

    SST doesn't care about YOU. Yes, the goal is stick you with as many fees as possible. It's how they make money. Thank your congressmen for changing the banking laws around, to give them this power. You pay them, or they will attempt to ruin your credit. It's that simple.

    They gave me a finance fee for a balance I paid off with WAMU before I even called to turn on my account with them. They don't care. You pay, or they make threats.

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  • I have been a victim of this mess!!! I have done some investigation and here is how you can get them back...

    * right directly to their real mail... Not their po box...!!! And make sure to get confirmation of your mail.

    4315 pickett road
    St. Joseph, mo 64503

    * reach the board members to their cells and office numbers to get your problem solve ( not those so call customer service) at

    * make note to

    * call your local news channels and newspapers

    * call congress

    *get together and sue all the companies for all the stress and fees that have cost us main corporations:
    Providian - washington mutual
    Sst card services - and your old lenders card

    * sst card services call themselves (columbus band and trust)

    Get in touch with columbus bank and trust
    Phone #you can reach them by phone monday - saturday 8:30 - 5:30 p.m est at 706-649-4900 or 1-800-334-9007. Our address is columbus bank and trust · p.o. Box 120 · columbus ga 31902.

    * and sue them too if their involve!!!

    * keep posting new info in this web and let people know in new data that can help their case o the sue!!!

    * dont be afraid and speak up!!! This government and big time crook companies are smashing everyone with every single penny your work and try to save!!!!

    * remember your credit is all you can have!!!! Dont let this fools take over your life!!!!

    * and dont give any more info to sst card services if they got your account from your old lender they should have your info... Dont let them know more that they dont need.

    Give your old account, name and address thats all

    Remember!!! It is all a scam!!!

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  • Al
    Alexandra Jung Apr 17, 2007

    Guys! Guys! We can do this! Copy and paste below to the same people and same topic. Change the first paragraph or ADD ON your story. Leave your name, city, and state. In time they will have to do something about it. The people I have send it to is St. Joesph's News -Press Community Newspaper and Fox News. If you can think of more people who have the power to do something ADD THEM! Everytime SST harasses you at home or work, cannot give you a clear answer or amount, and slap us with unheard interest rates, go back to your email, go to the sent file, and send it again. Remember folks, it's not a complaint, it's a problem.

    TO: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    RE: SST BANK STORY : The public depends on all the media!!

    Just google SST Card Services

    I have written to Governor, Matt Blunt, and still no word said against this company. This company has caused and will stretch an economic outburst that has invade our saving plans and our human rights unprotected. They have locked cardholder's accounts online adding interest after interest, limited bill payer's responsibilities and actions, and forced financial strains upon America's good people.

    Please help by viewing the above links to determine an answer: " Who, what, when, where and exactly how did SST Bank or Card Services take over our good name?"

    Please, please publish or investigate this company. We want clear answers.

    Alexandra Jung
    Woodbridge, Virginia

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  • Al
    Alexandra Jung Apr 17, 2007 info for you guys!

    The complaint is being handled by the BBB listed below. Please contact them with any questions.

    BBB of W. Georgia-E. Alabama & S.W. Georgia (Columbus, GA)
    500 12th Street
    Columbus , GA 31901-2137
    Phone: (706)324-0712
    Fax: (706)324-2181
    Email: [email protected]

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  • Ro
    Ron Apr 18, 2007

    Reading all these complaints have me very wary of sst otherwise known as crooks. Many have had similar circumstances as myself. My account was sold to these crooks without my knowledge or permission. How I found out was, I started getting calls from them about a week ago at my work, almost daily calls now, more like harassment to me. They say they sent me replacement cards & a so called welcome letter( welcome to my nightmare is more like it). They say I'm behind on payments, what frigging payments??!! and this new card, well now they say it must have been stolen or lost in the mail(sure it was..not!) and for $75 they'll be happy to send me new cards, that ain't happening. I've filed complaints with the FTC, my state attorneys office and the bbb. I hope this lawsuit happens and hopefully something like they get put outta business or at least fined out the ### for all the monies they swindled out of us honest, decent, hard-working people.

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  • Ch
    Chrissy Kopec-Duhr Apr 19, 2007

    I am extremely irritated with Washington Mutual. I can't even believe that I respected their company after what they did. They SOLD my account to SST behind my back. They didn't even give notice or anything. I'm so irritated and I hate SST, this is just sick for a company to do. I hope they go bankrupt!

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  • Ma
    Mandi Paola Apr 25, 2007

    I am another victim of this account being sold. I have the WAMU visa for two years and never paid it late once. Two months ago I found out that my account was sold to SST because I was receiving harassing phone calls all day long until midnight saying that my account was past due and over the limit. My account was neither. After telling these incompetent customer service people that my account was in good standing they were rude and telling me that i must pay a minimum payment at that time. I made a payment even though my real WAMU payment wasn't due for another 15 days. I have tried to access the yourcardaccount site and every time i try to log in it says my account doesn't exist. The only way to pay them is over the phone and they charge you 10 dollars to do it. I don't know how many payments I will make before these persistent phone calls stop. The worst part about all of this is I am in the process of getting a mortgage and I just pulled my credit report and SST has put a negative flag on my credit to say that it is over the limit...!!! it is not over the limit and i might have trouble getting my house now. If anyone knows what I can do about this please write back.

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  • Cu
    Curtis B Apr 26, 2007

    SST Card Services - total a scam!

    This company should be sued for, and what about Washing Mutual - no notification that my account was sold, all the while I CAN NOT pay my bill, I Can not get anyone person on the phone, and my account number wont work when the prompt me for it thus sending me in a loop, then they want to charge me a LATE FEE

    Are you kidding. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against them and Washington Mutual.

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  • Ni
    Nick Terrell Apr 26, 2007

    I would very much like to join some kind of Lawsuit. I hadnt used this card for awhile then it gets sold. Wamu says they sent me a letter stating they were selling, I never got this letter. First I get of the news is from a SST letter. It states that I owe them 2.94 cents. Ok I hadnt used the card in awhile and
    thought maybe my wife had paid it way down. Then the incessant phone calls started. They say I owe $294 WITH the official letter says 2.94 cents they say $294. So I ask for a supervisor. The guy says well we dont do that. I said "Well then I will not PAY you!!!". "Well let me put you through to their voicemail" Oh I get it you push they kowtow NOT! I never receive a return call, only the daily will you pay us plz. FINE I will pay goto their website pay with my debit card. Why pay online? Well they charge you to pay on the phone GRRRRR. My wife is starting to wonder if I am losing it hahaha Yup I am losing it. I pay and ya know what happens? Not only is there a submit button but a Confirm button after that oops didn't see that one. Meanwhile they are still calling me everyday twice GRRRR

    Ok time for some feng shui ommm Nope that didnt work WORST EVER PERIOD... Still not resolved may be updating.

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  • Ja
    Jason Z Apr 28, 2007

    This company takes it's cue from Chase. I hope you don't have an account with them either. It's basically the same company.

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  • Ja
    Jakub Keller May 03, 2007

    It's obvious why Providian Washington Mutual accounts are being sold to this SST company. I'm pretty sure the companies are affiliated in some way. By "selling" the account to SST, Providian finds to make more by having SST apply higher interest rates and charging ridiculous fees. This makes Providian look like the good guy when compared to SST.

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