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Sst Card Services / Unauthorized bank account withdrawals

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I did not authorize SST to withdraw $84.00 from my bank account and last week I discovered my account overdrawn by about $36.00. I used to have Washington Mutual Visa and then it changed to SST about two weeks ago. I have since addressed this issue with my bank and it is under investigation.

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  • Ca
      21st of Jun, 2007
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    SST will not return any fees even when it is their fault... and this was told to me by an SST employee! Ridiculous! Definitely fight this with your bank. SST stinks.

  • Je
      23rd of Jun, 2007
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    I don't work for this company but one very similar and i would just like to say i don't feel a bit sorry over half of these complaints. over the limit fees and late fees are so simply avoided. If you would call the company, they can tell you just as easily there are more than one way to make your payment. If your late fee put you over the limit you shouldn't be that close to your limit to begin with. An overlimit fee isn't assessed as soon as your account goes over limit. You have until your account cycles (which is almost 30 days) to pay that amount off so DUH pay it far enough down so you won't go over again. If your complaint is you got a late fee and your payment was a couple of days late don't be mad at the company for not waiving it since it was YOUR FAULT. If you don't like your interest rates don't sit here and complain like babies and act like there is nothing you can do about it, there are a ton of credit cards out there, do a balance transfer!!! if you can't get another credit card because your credit is so bad then maybe you should think twice, if you were a credit card company, would you want to loan someone money who obviously has a problem paying it back? Absolutely not. I would love to hear the excuse given when they said they won't waive fees even when its their fault. I'm sure thats a one sided story when you say 'their fault' but if thats the case i would have it taken to a supervisor and higher if that doesn't work because if it truly is someone elses fault they wouldn't have you paying for it because they know they would have someone throwing a fit to get it taken care of.

    As far as talking to rude customer service reps goes it happens everywhere not just with this company. I do similar work and i get an attitude right back with someone if they call in with one. No one, no matter what line of work you are in deserves to be treated like dirt. The rep didn't directly pick your account out and start charging you fees so don't treat them like the enemy. They are the one thing that could stand between getting what you want or you being hung up on. When people call in being polite i am usually willing to work with them more. So moral of this story is don't complain, someone gave you money you obviously didn't have, and if you do have the money, problem fixed pay it off. Be an adult they are your finances and if you don't keep them taken care of it will hurt you a lot more than it will this company. Also when you say 'unlawful' maybe you should learn exactly what the means. Read your terms and disclosures thats how most credit card companies save their ###. You signed it saying it was okay.

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