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Sst Card Services / Paid off in full - NOT!

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I paid them off in full and they said that the funds were NSF, I have proof of canceled check front and back, and they will not credit my account and just keep adding all kinds of charges and making calls, day, night and at work... I would like to join that class action suit if someone can put my name in the hat on that... and it was great with Providian but this company is a nightmare...

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  • Sh
      19th of Jul, 2007
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    This company does not post the payment correctly. They have accumulated over $500 in three months in unexplained fees that are never ending. This company is horrible in customer service, they harass you with phone calls, they don't try and help you, they make things worst. They wouldn't even set up a payment plan for me they referred me to three different numbers. All they care about is themselves and not their clients who are willing to pay them off. I'm willing to protest with anyone against this company, they are unprofessional, inconsiderate, and unreliable.

  • An
      19th of Jul, 2007
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    I recently had my Providian/Washington Mutual Visa account sold to SST without any consent/notice. I always paid my Providian account on-line and on-time! I usually paid more than the minimum due. I was never late. One day I received a new credit card in the mail and found out my account was sold. The next thing I know is that my pymt. is due and I haven't received a bill until it was past due. I tried to sign up on line and had difficulty because of the website and the change over to my new account. I called SST and explained everything to them. I have had the same experiences with them as many others who have posted complaints. What I am so frustrated and angry about is that on two separate occasions, I've paid my account on-time through their website only to be called and told I was now past due and they haven't received my payment. The first time they told me I didn't hit confirm, so the next time I was extremely careful. I can see it happening once if I really did make a mistake, but not twice. So they have now since the very first time it was late (according to SST) raised my APR to 32.10%!!! I am devistated. I am always so very concerned and responsible with on-time payments. And now there is no way I can get this account paid off because the APR is so high. The rep that called me at work even couldn't get her facts straight when accusing me of being late. What can be done? There should be laws enforced regarding the selling of credit accounts and loans to third parties w/out notifying the consumer. There should be better laws regarding how much interest these companies can charge you.

  • Pa
      17th of Aug, 2007
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    I was originally with Providian, and just loved the card and especially their website that showed me my credit score every month. Then I suddenly found that my account had been sold to SST and everything went to hell. My first payment was late because I didn't know my billing date had changed. Tried to get my due date changed back to the original date, but everytime I called, there was always a reason they couldn't do it at that time. The date would have been fine except that it takes forever for the payment to post. Yes, they have jacked my interest way up and my balance never goes down. Don't pay the minimum payment, because if you do, after they add the interest charges on, you will be over the limit.

    You can add me to that class-action lawsuit!

  • Ro
      25th of Nov, 2007
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    My attitude towards the complaint is... I STRONGLY AGREE with ALL of you!!! My previous card was Washington Mutual. I have read through your posted complaints and there is nothing that I can ad that has not already been voiced!!! ALL of you have covered it concisely and comprehensively!!! A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT... you bet!!! I have only two (2) questions... WHEN and WHERE?!!! The sooner the better for ALL wronged parties concerned!!!

  • Mm
      21st of Dec, 2007
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    Amazing. Similar occurance!!!! I paid off my SST and they have some charges and been adding late fee that I was not aware of any of the charges because they didn't send the bill. Now they screwed up my credit because I am over 60 days. I called them serveral times their story is diffenrent depending who u talk to. It is very fraustrating.

  • Je
      8th of Apr, 2008
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    OMG I am so infuriated right now, I have been going rounds with this company for over a year now!!! The original balance that WAMU sold to SST was 616.00 now a year later and 512.00 in payments my balance is 987.00!!!

    What crooks!!! I have cried, screamed yelled, made complaints to the FTC etc etc their "dialer" calls me 4-9 times a day!!! Just last sunday I had 6 missed calls from 5pm-8pm!!!

    I dont know what I can do, do I just pay them and put up with it? I tried to get them to settle for around 400 which would bring me to having paid over 4x's the original debt!!! and they said no...

  • Su
      6th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have so many complaints since my account was sold to this company! But my main complaints as of this moment are:

    1: WHY when I tried to use my card tonight, was it refused, when I've got over $3000 in credit still to use, and I'm up-to-date with my payments?! Now I have to wait til Monday to call them and see what is up! Frustrating!

    2. HOW does this company get away with changing their due dates every month?! Isn't that against the law or something?! It's confusing, and I end up sometimes missing my due date because of it, because I pay online - I don't pay the paper bills that come in. IT'S RIDICULOUS! IT SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW TO KEEP CHANGING THE DATE!

    (And you know, soon as you accidently miss a day, they're calling you like crazy to get a payment from you - as soon as the very next day!)

    3. I do happen to have my statement in my hand now for comparison - why doesn't it match my online account?!

    4. Is 31.49% APR not highway robbery?!

    5. HOW is it that you can have an account with one company, then suddenly be sold to another, without warning? Shouldn't THAT be illegal?!

    6. Who is this SST company, anyway? I had never heard of them before my account was sold to them, and they've been nothing but trouble ever since!

    OK...enough griping - just extremely angry and fed up with the whole thing!

  • Ki
      11th of Jul, 2008
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    SST Card Services has completely destroyed my credit. My card was originally with Providian, then sold to WAMU and then to SST Card Services. I never received anything. I just started getting phone calls, they wouldn't give me my new account number and until I paid what was due, they would not issue me a new credit card. I gave them a payment over the phone, they still didn't give me my account number or send a credit card. This has been going on for over 18 months. I don't know where I stand with them, they were rude, I got different stories from different people that worked there saying my payment was paid on time, then the same day another saying it wasn't. I then started receiving other letters from my other credit cards raising my intrest rate, because they felt like I was a risk with what SST had reported.
    So I have gone from a 750 credit rating down to 400 or so. It's just plain ###!

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