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I have a complaint regarding the service my fiance received from sprint pcs. He lost his phone and we went through the procedures needed to get the replacement phone, which would take 3-5 days to receive. On the 5th day he received the phone but you could not hear him speak through it, nor could he hear you others speaking to him. He uses his phone for business, as a sales rep, so he desperately needed the use of his phone, as lost calls, means lost money.

He took phone to a sprint store and they told him it would be ready in 45 minutes, so he left it there and went about doing other things. We went back to the store about 45 minutes before closing, I stayed in the car and he went in, and it took him a half hour to come out. I asked him if it was fixed, he said no they could not fix it and that he would have the call the insurance company sprint uses to have the mail another replacement in 3-5 days. He explained this as we drove away from the store. I was furious, and called the store (6622 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO). I tried to explain what we needed and I was upset,but I guess the girl that answered was not willing to listen to me so she put me on hold without saying why she needed to do so. I held for ten minutes and I looked at the clock and realized it was 10 minutes until closing. So I hung up the phone and asked my fiance to take us back to the store. I get to the store within 3 minutes, the doors were locked. I knocked on the door and the young lady-named Marquita, opened it and by then I was steaming, so I asked her for the manager, she smirks and asks what is wrong.

I tell her that we are upset that we have to wait another 5 days for a defective phone, why can't they try to get it shipped over night or something as we can't go that long without service. I admit I was yelling at this point because of the fact that I was put on hold, and the doors were locked before store hours. I told her that I intend to not only cancel my fiance's service, but mine as well with them. She told me and I quote, "TWO DOWN 5 MILLION TO GO!". I was furious to the point that she and the repair lady, Areisha B., were not able to handle the request we were making.

When the manager, whose name tag said Lead, Brian M., joined in on the fun, he tried to calm me down, but basically told me that sprint has nothing to do with the insurance company that is used to replaced lost or stolen phones. I of course, had to find out how is it that sprint collects the premium from it's customers to pay for the equipment replacement coverage but somehow, have nothing to do with the insurance company. Needless to say, I typical sprint fashion, no one in the store was willing to take responsibility for the nonworking phone, for which we paid our $50 deductible to even be able to get it shipped out.

I am done dealing with Sprint they need to teach their people customer service skills, they are sorely lacking them. I would love to tell Marquita after she loses her job, "1 down 100,000 to go!".


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