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I have been with sprint for over twelve years. Lately the customer service has been ridiculous. Takes hours on phone to get anyone to talk to, and getting a domestic u.S. Operator is impossible all calls forwarded to the philippian's. The company gives you a complete monthly cost then the billing doe's not match. Monthly service supposed to be 135.00 a month. I just checked my last thirteen months charges I have been charged an average monthly charge of over 205.00. I have not been able to discuss my bill with anyone outside the philippian's and all they can say is I am not able to make any changes and to ask for a supervisor they will put you back on hold for 30 to 45 minutes
. Then supervisor just say's the same thing. Online I have balance of 177.00 this month and just got e-mail bill for over 435.00 dollars.
I have been overcharged more than 650.00 this year alone. Looks like I have to take to court to get my money back, wish me luck.

Dec 07, 2016

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