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Sprint PCS Billing / Refund / billing issues

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I have used Sprint for the past 3 years, and have not really had many issues with their service until this past May. On May 2007, my Sprint bill reflected charges of over $800 worth of downloads from a company called FlyCell, to which I never requested or submitted a request for their services. I spent countless hours on the phone with customer service rep from Sprint who first accused me of being dishonest due to my request of full refund concerning these downloads, and secondly refused to fully refund my account, after calling in day after day, I finally decided to cancel my services, and at that point was offered full refund towards my account. I thought things were going to change for the better, but boy was I wrong, my problems with Sprint were just beginning. From that point on my billing issues snowballed out of control for the next 12 months. I have repeatedly requested that no extras be set on my phone such as text, internet, ringers, games, etc... I just wanted a plain service with no possible chance for charges. the next few months continued to snaowball with rollover charges, termanation fees, late fee, plan ajustments fee, internet charges, text charges and so on. I spent the next year trying to get my service corrected and bills ajusted to reflect proper amounts, with Sprint reps encouraging me to continue to give Sprint another chance and try, offering free months of services if I kept my service Nov of 2007 I requested my service be turned off and a final bill be sent, I was then contacted by Sprint offering me a free Touch phone, a clean bill reflecting no charges and 3 free months of services. I accepted their offer and boy was that a huge mistake, the following month bill didnt reflect proper credits to the account to reflect a zero balance, or did the bill reflect correct credits to cover cost of free phone, but I was also being charged a termanation fee in the amount of $200 on top of the other charges, oh and no where was I being given free months of services. I spent the next week calling to get bill charges dropped and ajusted to correct amounts. I was told time after time that everything was being taken care of and that all would be corrected and new statement or bill would reflect these changes. What a bunch of bull crap, it is May 23 2008, and I received a collection notice concerning my billing issues from April 2008 I finally spoke with a Sprint rep named Ruben G, funny thing they never give you full names or contact numbers to get same rep who understands what is going on, but after weeks of calling e-mailing back and forth, I was given the call that my bill was credited and ajustments were made to reflect a zero balance. I was also told that my services were cancelled and termanation fee would be my last charge and was $100. On May 19th 2008, I received what was to be my final statement and bill. It was to be for the termanation fee only in the amount of $100, and when I opened the bill, it read $377.48 which consisted of charges for text messages, internet, Sprint TV, termanation charge in full amount $200. I called and was told that a manager would call me the next day, never happened, so I called again only to receive same message, which once again never received a call from a manager, than on Thrusday May 22 2008, I received a collection notice from Sprint for the amount of $377.48. I was so mad, and upset that one I was being given this notice for charges I dont owe, and two the fact this was going to mess up my credit rating and put me in a jam concerning employment, given the fact credit checks are done and if credit issues come up, they fire those individuals. So I called and requested this issue be fixed ASAP and was given the same response "everything has been fixed and account has been ajusted to reflect only amount due is $99.99" I requested a letter be sent out reflecting same thing I was being told over phone and was told that is not allowed, spent the next hour and a half speaking to managers who kept giving me the same response. Why is it so hard for a company like Sprint to communicate internal issues, and send out offical changes to clients accounts? If any one out there is reading this and can help me I would love to hear from you

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  • Ma
      5th of Jun, 2008
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    I totally agree and have experienced your grief. I am in the process of taking these creeps to small claims court. Like you, they treated me like crap. They are so arrogant. In my case, there were bogus charges regarding call tones that I did not purchase. The call tomes were these gangster wrap crap. I HATE that music (I use the term music very loosely in this case).

    They state that if the charges are on my statement, it's because I ordered the services.

    I also experienced many months of inaccurate billing. I made the very same request you made; to disable any requests for any fluff services such as web access. I would STILL get those stupid charges on my bill.

  • La
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    Had the exact same problem...100 percent similar. I also plan to take legal action. Money is power and they know it, well I know it too... Power is also money...

    To make it worst...I took care of my collection notice multiple times and they resent it over and over again...a year later and than a couple monts after that...

    Sprint said that the amount popped up on my account out of nowhere...and there was no explanation why... A week prior I was told my balance was zero..

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