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Sprint / mistake was made by order support department

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I am a Sprint customer in Iowa. On Dec 31, I ordered an upgrade phone for my son who lives in New York City.

First, because my son has a New York number, I was not allowed to buy or order the phone at my local Sprint Store. I can't imagine any other company restricting the choices for their customers.

Second, the order support department gave UPS incorrect information, despite the fact that I have since verified that they had the correct shipping information.

Third, Sprint in its contract with UPS does not allow anyone, even Sprint, to correct the information. Now the phone is sitting in Long Island and UPS can't violate the contract even though correcting the information would be trivial. My son has no access to a car and it would take him most of one day to pick it up. UPS will ship it back to Sprint on Jan 17th.

Fourth, now Sprint informs me that I cannot change the shipping information to have it sent to me until they receive the package back, and I have to hope that they don't send it out again with the wrong information until I call and correct it.

In other words, Sprint business practices pass the burden of their mistakes onto the customer. Apparently, they do not keep a record of previous calls, as I have had to explain the situation numerous times. I have spent several hours on the phone talking to a different person each time trying to fix the problem, and apparently will have to spend several more.

They also shift the burden of complaints onto their workers who have consistently been very nice but who have no control over how the system works. As has been mentioned by others, there was no way for me to contact Sprint headquarters through their website.

These business practices are completely unacceptable! I intend to change companies ASAP and to have both my sons and as many people as possible do the same.

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      2nd of Aug, 2008
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    I am done of this! I cant take it anymore!... "Thank you for calling Sprint, my name is Andrew Collins (not a real name because I dont need to reveal my personal info), what can I do for you today?".
    This is my everyday greeting when I login on the line to speak with a lot of customers for further assistance.
    I will start by telling that I am located in Argentina and you may ask: how do somebody from Argentina assist me when I call? That's because of your currency. If you come to Argentina with all your money everything is more affordable for you. That is what a company like Sprint (like Cellfish, like many others) do. They hire different local companies (call centers) all over the world because the labour is cheaper for them as they provide us the opportunity to work (but they don't care about that, what they need is to pay the less than possible).
    Now on the line we have to face a lot of different and hard situations. It is really stressful to be in a call center. Believe me people, I completly understand your frustration when you reach the wrong department or when things are not expected to be as you wanted. But you don't have any idea on the other hand what do we have to stand from some customers. It's completly unbearable. Some of you are more than annoying. I was reading a lot of negative opinions about our work and I won't protect Sprint because it's bulls*** really, but I would like you to know what do we have to suffer everyday from some of you.
    First of all I can't understand why you guys insist on calling and calling and calling or e-mailing when you know that over the phone or e-mail you won't get any answer. If I were one of you I will go directly to the store or somewhere to speak with a representative face to face. That is what I did yesterday when I knew that something was wrong with my cellphone's personal information, for example (even though I spent a total of 2 hours to go and come home again). You do everything over the phone and if someone advice you to go personally to the store you inmediatly get upset because is soooooo far (1 hour from the place you are located or even less!!). When I go to work everyday to hear you and speak to you I spend 1 hour to go to work and a little less than an hour to come back home... Of course some of you don't have any idea about responsability and how to be an active person. If you want something to happen you must go for it! not to cover yourself behind a stupid phone. My God!! You can't be so LAAAZYYY!!!
    As you do everything over the phone as well you buy over the phone too. You order phones like if they were pizzas, guys!! and then if you don't like it you can return it just like that, and then you are refund for that!!!... Unvelibeable! I don't understand how can you be so spoiled by this company!, not just for that, don't forget all the special discounts you have to get the most expensive phones. You all would die if you travel to Argentina. Here when I decided to buy a phone, like I did with the last I bought last week, or the one that I had 2 years ago, I spent a month before I purchase them to think wich was the one that I really like and the full price, to be sure how much will I have to pay. Anyway we don't have all those benefits that you have, so for us even the most incomplete phone is expensive. And guess what, if we don't like it we can change it within the first 30 days but we cannot return it expecting to be refund, that's unacceptable, once you get a product you must keep it or change it. Once you paid you won't see your money back ever again, and I think that is the way it must be actually, because you can valorate what you got. But different cultures, different lives...
    Despite on the fact that you are able to get phones (sometimes even for free! how can that be possible!?!) you are extremly stingy. You want everything for free, you don't want to pay for anything, and the world is not like that guys! Open your eyes! If you want something then you MUST pay for that! That is what we call effort! How is it called for you?
    I admit: print customer service sucks! I repeat, I am not writing this on behalf of Sprint but is not our fault there are like 80 (yes! I am not being sarcastic with the amount) different departments for every special issue. Is not our fault when we tell you that we are not able to work on the order because it was placed in another department. Is not our fault that another agent transferred you to the wrong one and is not our fault that you have choosen the wrong phone, you must have thought about it before purchasing it. If you figth over the phone with an agent you are going to the wrong way. There is no need to get upset with one of us about our questions, work, or humiliate us because of our nationality or english level. That way you are stimulating the agent to do everything possible to finish the call and not to hear you ever again or help you. Be more intelligent if you decide to speak to a representative.
    I hope you can understand a little bit more our reality (although I have more to say, but I don't want this to be so long), because we must understand yours everyday.
    "Thank you so much for calling Sprint and have a nice day!"...

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      27th of Aug, 2010
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    I know this reply is extremely late, but I only just found out how bad Sprint support services are and felt a need to rebut some of the things stated here.

    No, its not hard working in a call center "Andrew". If you are properly trained its actually quite easy. People call in upset and you try to assist them anyway, and if they know you're sincere about it (ie 1 tactic I use for my company is to inform them that I am also a customer, not just a tech) the anger tends to fade away. If you continue on that line, while working with the person and let them KNOW you're going to do everything that you can to help them, they start to appreciate it. If you do that, and then actually DO try to help them every way you can, they will respect what you're doing, who you are, and appreciate your abilities as well as understanding your limits.
    Another point of contact is the ability to move people to the correct department. My company has a "saves" department, which is basically for irate customers who are threatening to (or just so upset that they might very soon) to cancel service. They put that department in place so they can air grievances against us to US.
    Last but not least (as well first and foremost) is training. I know the systems I work on, I know what they can do, and what I am allowed to do on those systems. I also know what other people can do on those systems. Who can cancel an order, who should I contact if there is a billing conflict, what should I do when the customer needs replacement equipment, who to go to when there is an error to remove that error and get it done right. This has been spelled out by my company in meticulous detail when they outlined my scope of support and trained me for their systems.

    Don't get me wrong, I have a script too, but I know what to do when a situation arises that is not on that piece of paper. I do not just sit quietly as the customer complains that what I told them is not acceptable (whatever their tone) and then repeat the same thing like a parrot over and over again.

    You have to suffer every day because, from my experience with the company so far, you have no real complaints department. You are not trained on your systems well enough to correct or remove errors from your system (and neither are your "supervisors") to the point where you just can't do your job effectively. And you don't understand your job Andrew, a fact made painfully obvious in your counter-arguments.

    I'll highlight a few of your points as proof.
    You see Andrew, a lot of us are working while those Sprint stores are open, or commuting to work like you describe, and we don't have enough time to drive over to them. We don't want to wait until our day off to address it. Maybe we live in the country and the closest store is a considerable distance away. Maybe we tried that route and was told by a store rep that they only sell phones and accessories, please use the customer support lines that Sprint created for just these situations.
    As for free phones, minimum service contracts for the more popular smartphones are $1000 a year. Sprint is giving them away because the company knows they are going to get it back-and then some-with the service plan.
    And for what we use our phones for? If it can do a thing, and we bought it to do that thing, why shouldn't we, the consumer, expect that thing to work? Sometimes people do ask too much. You don't call a plumber to fix your electricals. But if the plumber does get that call, its nice of them if they can say "Its your wiring, not your pump. Call an electrician; I know a few. Let me get you a number".
    Also, this country has laws against false advertisement and selling equipment that doesn't work. There are also rules against asking people for money for a warranty and then not honoring that warranty. If Sprint covers against theft and loss--and the customer loses his phone--then Sprint is supposed to replace it as good or better.

    Respect is earned Andrew (and this goes for your coworkers in Argentina). Its earned by doing your job well, and knowing what to do when it needs to be done. Compassion for the customer is important, commitment to solve their issue without dropping the "I'm sorry I can't do that" canned response followed by, "No one can actually do that" after you've wasted another hour of our time trying not to admit you just don't know which of those 80 departments our problem should go to. Most important of all, correcting the error. its why we called in. We have a problem. If the problem exists because of something the company did, the company should fix it. You are an acting representative of the company. FIXIT. Or get us in touch with someone who can or at the very least explain to us in unambiguous terms--without lying and blaming another company; some of us lazy people might just call that other company to ask them whats going on--why Sprint can't.

    That's what "we" call responsibility over here.

    The problem with your rebuttal is that you are asking for respect from people whom you have not earned it from Andrew. Just like everyone else, you're blaming Sprint. Even the employees are blaming the company. But to be honest, you guys over in Argentina have an easier job than I do; and I'm a remote tech too. All you have to do (or at least all I've seen) is sit at a desk, read off a script, and wait for the people on the other side to hang up.

    I actually have to work with them. I have to walk them through things. I have to converse, listen to what they say, and reply to their concerns, needs, and inquiries.

    Thats a lot more than anyone in Argentina has done for me.

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