Sprint / iphone

Provo, UT, United States

I have been with the Sprint company for many years. Heretofore, they have taken care of me and have had better coverage than other companies. Where I worked part-time I had coverage where no other employees did. I have a business and there was a time that I paid over $700 in one month. There have been many months that I have paid over $500 per month. Moreover, the last year I have averaged over $250 per month on my bill. To be candid you would think Sprint would want to take care of a good customer. I had an iphone 5, paid it off and just over a year ago got an iphone 6. I kept exceptional care of it, encased it, never dropped it, never used it a lot and had an excellent battery. I had a problem with the speaker and took it in to Sprint. They told me they could replace the speaker. I was excited because I knew my phone was in good condition. I have had insurance on the phone the whole time and still do. The insurance company told me that Sprint would get me a new phone. When I went to pick up my phone they told me that they couldn't fix my speaker, but they would give me a refurbished phone that was like new. Well, the phone they gave me has previously owned and not refurbished. It has an internal crack in the screen, glitches in the photo portion of the camera and low battery life. I am not pleased. When they brought me the phone it was not in a box and they slapped a plastic screen protector on it that was crooked. It was obviously not new or refurbished. I would have checked the phone out, but I trusted them. . Now I have someone's abused iphone that was replaced and my phone like new was probably given out to someone else. I think Sprint should give me a good phone. The old saying is "If you don't take care of your customer someone else will.

Jul 07, 2016

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