Sprintiphone 7 delivery service

I ordered a new iphone 7 on december 21st. It is now january 10th and I still do not have it. Sprint gave the wrong address to the delivery service so on december 23rd, I had to give the correct address to the delivery service.

This delivery service has now had my phone for 18 days and is so stupid and incompetent m#ns, that they are absolutely incapable of finding a 6th story office building on a major street in downtown glendale.

At this point, sprint needs to either reassign my phone delivery to another delivery service or they need to have my phone delivered to the local sprint store (3blks from my office) and i've made umpteen calls to sprint customer service and have even been in the local sprint store twice trying to get someone to help me with this problem. No one will help me!!!

I'm sooo done with my crappy phone that doesn't hold a charge for more than 15 minutes and waiting for sprint to get their # together. At this point, i'm just going to go to verizon (they're having a really good promotion right now) to get a new phone and cancel my sprint account.

Sprint sucks!!!

Jan 10, 2017

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