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Sprint / billing issues

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I am moderately satisified with Sprint except when it comes to billing issues and keeping their word on discounts, charges, and included plan details.
When I signed up almost 3 years ago, the plan was to include free long distance and no roaming charges. Within the first year I was charged roaming. They explained that it was because my service was not in a Sprint area and it was long distance. If it was local no roaming would be charged.
This last year I have been charged roaming but Sprint did credit my acct. and told me that they added free long distance and roaming to my acct. This was verbal, on the phone. I have yet to see through my online acct. that roaming is included in my plan, but it has always said long distance.
When I renewed my contract last spring, I was offered either a $75 deduction on next bill or 10% disc. for the next 2 yrs. I opted for the 10%. In june I had to fight to get my discount. They had no notes in their system stating it. They corrected it and I rec. it until this last month. I was told by a rep. by email that I have never rec. a discount. After they looked again, they found I did, but it was set up as a 6 month deal. Sprint has deducted from my bill for discount along with $25 for the problems. I have requested a confirmation that I am to receive my discount for the rest of my agreement term.
I also have had problems with playing the pc version of downloaded music. They have yet to fix the problem. If anyone has had this issue and got it resolved, please let me know.
My advice to all would be to make sure you have the verbal agreements sent to you in writing and ask that they put it in their "NOTES" in your customer file.

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  • Bb
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    You must record all calls to Sprint or they will not help you. If you have a recording, tell them you are recording for quality control and to make sure they get your order or credits done correctly. You can call the sprint executive office and play the recording and they will credit your account usually.

    If they don't. Then pay the $20 and file a Small Claim in Small Claims Court where you live. Because Sprint sold you the service at your location, they are required to travel to your local Small Claims Court, as the court will mail Sprint their court date to meet you in court. If they don't come, you automatically will win, and the judge will determine the case. You must bring the recordings of everyone you spoke with at Sprint saying they will credit you or fix the problems, for the judge to listen to, plus bring all your statements.

    The recordings are the only way to win with Sprint. Otherwise they will never fix your bill.

    You can buy a small recorder online for around $80 by Olympus and save the recordings to your computer. A recorder will pay for itself in no time. I now record all calls for everything I buy, especially the utility companies, cable companies, satellite TV etc. They all will overcharge your bill, but if you have a recording of every call to the company, then the judge will believe you and you will win.

  • An
      28th of Nov, 2010
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    I agree with this post. Sprint customer service reps. will say anything, promise everything and then fail to document the contact. When upgrading I was told that upgrading would not afftect my 30% discount I'd been getting for near 6 years. This discount was good thru 2027 and their records reflected this. Sprint had screwed my account royally twice and as a way of saying sorry had given me these discounts. Now Bill Newton in their executive dept. has said that it was incorrect for me to have been getting this discount and Sprint is taking it away from me to correct their error. They screw up my account, force me to spend hours and hours on the phone with them, say sorry for our errors, and take away my discount to run to 2027. If only I had a recording of their disservice department I would continue to fight.

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