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Sprint / customer care

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Oct 23, 2018, I changed ownership for 4 cell phones lines to my account with Sprint. My new wife, her mother, her daughter and husband. After going through the change of ownership I called into Customer Care with a few questions. 1 question states were the 4 lines being transferred over would they be charged the same PER LINE rate as the other lines on the account, the response from Sprint Customer Care was YES, all lines will be charged the same rate.

11/1/2018, got my first bill after the 4 lines were transferred over and of course, those 4 lines were being charged $20 per line instead of the $5 per line as previously indicated. Called in an spoke with Customer Care who reviewed the account and the 10/23/18 phone call and indicated that there was evidence to support those 4 lines and the change would be made and would transfer me to his supervisor to get this fixed.

He transferred me to his supervisor who again reviewed the account and then came back and said there was NOT evidence to support those 4 lines getting the $5 per line rate and would create an incident to have a member from corporate call me to resolve the issue in 5-7 business days. (By the way, this phone call lasted over 2 hours). Waited 6 business days, no call from corporate.

Called in on 11/6/18, spoke with customer care again, and then another supervisor. Indicated they would send ANOTHER email to corporate and marked it urgent since no call was received by the customer. Supervisor issued a $60 credit towards next month's bill. (This call lasted 1hr 37 minutes)

11/20/18 called in again and asked to speak with a corporate member and was transferred to a customer care agent for Business accounts. Explained my situation all over again, he did another expedited Incident Report up to corporate and issued another $60 credit towards the next month's bill (at this point still had not received a call from corporate).

12/20/18 again called and spoke with Kia in the Billing Dept. Kia reviewed the account and all of the notes then spoke with her manager and came back and said that the 4 lines would be adjusted to the $5 rate within the next 5 days and no phone call from corporate would be needed. Manager's name was Melody. Another $60 credit was issued towards the next month's bill.

On 12/28/18 received a call from the Customer Advocacy Team indicating that those 4 lines would NOT be receiving the $5 per line rate because that promotion had already expired. Indicated to that person what I was told my all of these different people at Sprint and her response was "I am sorry you were miss informed of what was going to happen but those 4 lines will not be receiving the $5 per line promotion due to that promotion having been expired." I responded to her "so Sprint does not stand behind what their customers are told being right or wrong regardless, and that is ok?"

She again indicated that she apologized that I way miss informed and that those 4 lines would not be receiving the $5 rate. I indicated to her that I have been with Sprint for over 7 years and if this is the way they want to just brush off their customers I will be finding a new cell phone provider to which she indicated, 'that is your choice" and hung up the phone. Based on ALL OF THAT, myself and the other 7 lines that I had on my account will be switching to T-Mobile by the end of 2018.

Jan 15, 2019

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