Sprint Communicationsterrible company

My contract with Sprint consisted of two cellular phones, which I was paying a 10.00 monthly fee. The salesman suggested I purchase cellular phone for the monthly fee instead of paying insurance. This made sense, that way I would already have a phone, and just had to have it activated. My reception was terrible one of my existing phones and nothing was being done to help with my service.

I couldn't wait for my contract to expire with this business! On several occasions I verified my end of contract date, March 13, 2009. On this date I went to the store to end my contract when the salesman informed me the third cellular line I had added was under a different contract. I didn't sign anything stating this matter, nor was I informed of this when I added the other line to my existing contract.

Sprint then informed me I could cancel the existing line for 200.00 dollars or pay for the phone that was in my closet until September of 2009! Then in May I recieved a bill for 163.00 dollars from Sprint. I wrote them concerning the matter and haven't recieved a response as of this date.


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