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Sprint / very poor customer service, refund policy is a lie

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I have been a loyal customer of sprints for 10years and so has my family. We was loyal to them because a couple of family members did work for them until they was let go due to cut backs. We continued with sprint regardless. My complaint with sprint started when i went into a sprint owned store and proceeded to wait for 20mins for a very young adult to assist me with my questions. I just bought a hp notebook laptop with a windows vista prem operating system. I was given prices as well as info on a wireless cards. I wrote all the answers down and left the store feeling very overwhelmed. I called the sprint customer service on my cell phone and spoke to a lady that was giving all kinds of conflicting information about the cards . Pricing, service... I then go back to the store with my 10 year old daughter and once again was required to wait. While i was waiting i called the sprint service on my cell and thought id have one of there reps speak to the man that i had seen and spoken to earlier to clear up who was right and who was wrong. While waiting with my daughter in hand i hear 3 sells people standing around talking about what had happened earlier with himself and one of the managers. The word *uck was coming out of his mouth because he was upset over the fact the mgr was making him work this weekend. I told my daughter lets get out of there. I couldn't take the trash talk in front of my kid so we left. Issues went unresolved. Thats only one of my issues. I the next day looked up locations of other sprint stores and found one that was located about 7miles away. I went there and walked into a completely different attitude sprint owned store. Very nice. I spoke to a sales person in regards to my thoughts and concerns about making such a expensive purchase. He cleared up everything from refunds, too exchanges, too canceling the service within 14days if i wasnt happy with the product. I make the 200 dollar purchase with cash. Take the item home and had the item activated. The signal was very poor from every location in my apartment. So i boxed the item up and took it back to the first store i had been too. It is just located 2mins from my place. I was pressed for time. I knew to some degree what i was in for by going to this sprint owned and operated store. I was told by a very very very rude black man by the name of william michaux (westport rd kansas city missouri 64111) who self proclaimed hiself as store manager. I never at any time raised my voice or did i use bad language. This person tells me that i have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for a refund. That he was only going to give me 75 dollars back and that its a take it or leave it deal. There is nothing posted in the store regarding the return policys nowhere. Other than the sales receipt that i got after i gave my money to him. I only had the item for less than 2hours. What the heck is this about. You give the money and then you are handed the rules after the purchase. I understand if it was bought by check or credit card but cash? I have never been so taken back by the attitude of someone who was this rude. First of all i was told by the sales person that at anytime during the 14days i could bring back for a full refund in cash that day. But if i waited too long the sprint company would charge me a prorated portion of the usage. Thats why i took it back so quickly. Once i left the store i called the customer care ( more like we dont give a ###). Asking to speak to a supervisor after waiting on hold for fifteen mins and then being subjected to 5mins of being asked what my telephone number was, password and name on the account. The man could barely speak english. Then was disconnected. I called back and spoke to another perosn with a very heavy accent. I give up.

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  • An
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    Dear, Sprint Nextel Top Management,
    Today i visit one of the sprint store that is located at
    Baldwin Park Marketplace
    14460 Merced Avenue, Unit 110
    Baldwin Park, CA 91706
    I just went to get information on my phone that I got water on. This young lady helped me at first but then started giving me attitude, i asked for another represenative and she rudly said she will but i had to wait 15 minutes. I was really upset that you guys would hire a citizen with no maners. i truly belive that she needs to be professional at her job and not give attitue to costumers. This young individuals named Desire had no right to give me the attitue just the way she did. I was speaking to her with profesionalism and i expect the same back. I hope i hear from you guys soon and i hope you guys adress the issue.

  • Ka
      28th of May, 2009
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    I just visited a Sprint store in Knoxville, Tennessee and like everyone else, I too had to wait. I was told the wait would be 10 minutes. The only guy working today (I guess all the other employees quit) never looked up at me. He continued talking to the girl in front of me, telling her all about all the places he wants to visit, blah, blah, blah. Like most people, I HAD to go to the Sprint store on my lunch hour. After 25 minutes, and now several people waiting behind me, I ask him, how much longer. Not much. He then tries unsuccessfully to multitask and asks me why I am there. I tell him I accidently ran over my phone, he tells me the phone is $229.00 and I almost faint. I'm sorry but the phone isn't worth that and begin to ask him how much would it be to cancel my account. He then focuses on the first girl again. I then ask him where another store is again, without any eye contact or any type of concern that he is being really rude, he tells me the location and informs me that if I want service, I need to call ahead for an appointment. I should have never chosen Sprint as my carrier. Visiting this location confirms to me that this company has no professionalism, they can't seem to keep any long term employees and their phones are over priced. All I want now is to get out of my contract with this company.

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