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Sports Illustrated Magazine / No morality!

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I was with a friend at a Barnes and Noble Bookstore, waiting to order my coffee. I was looking at the magazines in the area and was mortified by the cover of the February edition of Sports illustrated! The woman on the cover is borderline pornographic is a FAMILY BOOKSTORE! I bring my son who is 3 often and that is that last thing I want his innocent eyes to see and question. I believe there is something inherently wrong with this and I would like to know why they can't have a more covered up picture in the front? I know they have disgusting pictures inside, but is it necessary to display blatant topless women on the cover? I was severely offended and embarrassed to even have looked at it! I don't know what needs to be done but if they insist on having such provocative women on the covers, I believe they should at least be covered! Other magazines do the same and have no problem reeling in customers.

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  • Kr
      11th of Mar, 2008

    Not everything in the world is going to be pleasurable to the eye for everyone. Sex sells. I'm sure there are a lot of books in there, say, romantic novels that have provocative covers on them. Are you going to ban those as well? This is like people who don't want their kids watching certain TV shows. Block them, don't show it to them, but just because you don't like it, doesn't mean you and only you doesn't. Don't take away things some people enjoy, just because you don't like to "look" at it.

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  • Er
      12th of Mar, 2008

    Censorship is not the answer. Be a parent and explain things to your child. Wanting the world to cater to your sense of decency is the height of entitlement. It will not happen.

    What you saw is not pornography. The model was not engaging in any sexual act.

    Because of people like you there is such a strict taboo on the human body in American society. It is nothing to be ashamed of, it is the beauty that god gave us and should be celebrated.

    I find your complaint offensive. I don't want my world sanitized just because someone's child may see it. If they ask the questions, provide the answers. That's your job. I will not be party to you shirking your responsibilities just because you think something is inappropriate for EVERYBODY when it only bothers you.

    Barnes and Noble will continue to have my business as it is a place of spreading ideas and knowledge. Books are wonderful. I hope you never get into a position of power as I fear you will be one who burns them.

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  • De
      27th of May, 2008

    I agree with your position with full heart. My son is an absolute sex crazed maniac. Wht with his half naked posters and his lotions its enough to drive a working mother insane. I blame it on the media. The media portraits women as these slim domestic godessess. I mean even the pretty ones arent that skinny. These women make me sick. Society tells us that women are pieces of meat that are sold at supermarkets, well maybe society needs a smack in the back of the head with the old judges gavel.

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  • Fe
      18th of Feb, 2009

    Magazines in general push the sex limitations as freedom of speech/press/or artistic expression far further than acceptable in moral society. Nothing is left to the imagination with the way they are presented. Yes, I agree the women are fit and beautiful. Yes, those swim suit issues are soft porn and very sexual in nature. They teach men and young boys to value women as sexual objects ( parts for pleasure) only good for entertainment and make it a sport and game to be celebrated among athletes. What the hell does a swim suit model shoot teach or report about sports? Nothing but lookey here at my T and A. It teaches young girls to use thier bodies for financial gain and social fame by flaunting their beauty as a commodity. Sex sells and SI is playing the pimp to the buying Johns who oogle thier issues of soft porn. I don't need to see some girls knockers hanging out all over the place or what kind of trim job the girl chooses at the beauty salon- shall we all say Brazillian together. It focuses your eye either on the breasts or right to the pubic line. What kind of sport is that???????????? It is a man's world and porn has influenced it greatly. You can buy that garbage on any news stand and it's presented at eye level to you children daily. Yes, is my right to object to it being in family formats. Yes, it is your right to view it as you see fit. But forcing your lack or values and sexual freedom down my childs face for fear of sensorship is lame. You try teaching moral values and keeping your sexual integrity to teens while this crap is marketed for nothing more than sales. It's all about the all mighty dollar at the expense of women and thier bodies. Those women who participate in it are seeking attention for all the wrong reasons- money as they laugh all the way to the bank at men who are fools for visual aides. It's a matter of choice - do you wish to be viewed as a piece of meat or valued for your brains and achievment? It's wrong and men need to get a life and start respecting the women in your own world by boycotting such smut. What message does it send to the youth of this country or your partner? It says I buy womens bodies for sport and you are not good enough to tease men like this. Then you compare and look down on real women who do not look or act like the models. Real women who value their sexuality as a private matter and celebrate thier sexuality descreatly within thier own relationship and not publically. It is engrained in our society to teach men to be sexual predators and women to be strippers or be subjected to being classified as a prude if they don't conform. It is just in line with all professional sporting teams that present their dancers and cheerleaders as good clean family fun. Bull- it's nothing but boy toys shaking their spandexed assets for the camera and loving the attention given by men stupid enough to think they doing it all for them. Get a life and quit living like a frat boy who just found his Dad's porn hidden in the garage. It's nothing but adult fun and it should be kept off of the shelves where anyone under 18 shops. It is not teaching healthy sexual relations between men and women but is perpetuating the Lolita effect.( early sexualization of our children.) It is soft porn and needs at least a cover sheet on it or plain white wrapper to shiel our children from adult ideas they are not ready for. Yes, I take full responsiblilty for teaching my child the facts of life. It has not been easy when society and men's purchasing tastes are shoved at my daughter at the ripe old age of 10. You can have your smut but keep it away from our grocery store counters and book stores where children shop. You can be the grown up and act like a responsible adult by sensoring your smut from childrens eyes and viewing and purchasing it descreatly. Grow up Dude and quit shoving your macho attitudes at women doing their job as an adult caregiver. It's adult entertaiment plain and simple and needs to be monitored appropriately. Put your money where your mouth is women and cancel your man's subscriptions to such crap. Send a message to the publishers that they don't like. Write letters of complaints to anything that offends you. I do. More women need to be heard as they are more than sport for sexual pleasure of men.

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  • Me
      26th of Dec, 2014
    Sports Illustrated Magazine - UNWANTED Magazine Subscriptin
    M2 Media Group
    United States

    Magazine first received about 1 month ago. Today called and was told that subscription would be SUSPENDED not cancelled. Was given the name of M2 Media Group as the purchaser. Was also given their phone number. Received a message to go to their website to cancel which I have done. What next?????

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  • St
      29th of Aug, 2018
    Sports Illustrated - Unauthorized Subscription
    Overland Park
    United States

    see pic below of mailing label. We have no interested in this magazine and we did not subscribe to it.. Please cancel this subscription and do not mail any further copies. The is the wrong name at the right address.. Thank You..

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