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Indianapolis, IN, United States
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Phone: Unlisted

Run far, far away! All positive ratings are generated by the owner & staff. Recently (last few weeks) they hosted an alternative wedding at which the staff snickered in the background. The "event planner" personally confined in me the following also ensued: Over intoxicated event guests physically assaulted the event manager. (the inn served the drinks & are legally responsible for how drunk they get. But greedy owner likes their alcohol income) nothing was done. Other rowdy guests busted up furniture. There are questionable activities going on with exactly where the customers contracturally purchased event supplies end up. Without the customer being informed as to this happening. It's being used as a "dual use" housing, possibally with out a cert of occupancy approiate for such use. All this revealed to me by current management. When I informed that manager they are possible "co conspirators" it was immediately dismissed. There's lots more but would you like to have your event there or even stay at an establishment such as that? Just try & directly contact them. They isolate themselves using 3 rd party Internet room agents. Their actual phone number is shut off. Try for yourself. Some of these folks may soon see real bars.

Dec 26, 2014

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