Speedway in Wernersville / employee

I am a frequent speedway shopper, I love the store in Wernersville. They're all very nice and it's very well kept up with. BUT, one employee who I believe her name is summer. Time and time again, her boyfriend is at the store with her. It doesn't seem fair to any other employee because I've seen him do her job for her. I've also seen them get into very heated arguments. That lead to her chasing him out of the store. This is very unprofessional and rude to the other crew members who have to deal with her storming out or yelling at her boyfriend across the store from the kitchen. This isn't the first time I've seen these things happen but I have realized the passed couple days he has been there faithfully with her. I do not want to go into a store to hear teenagers arguing and cursing, especially when one of them works there! That is not professional and it needs to be handled. This is a constant problem. I've asked my buddies if they have seen these two in that store and they knew exactly who I was referring too and that is sad!

Jun 04, 2018

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