Specsavers / verbal insult

Harlow, England, Essex, United Kingdom

On the Saturday 24th March 2012 I was booked in for a 11.05am eye test appointment. After I completed my eye test the optician recommended I required reading glasses for close up work. A male Specsavers sales assistant came and collected me to choose some glasses, I said to the sales assistant on the way back to the showroom that I only wanted to purchase a £25 pair of glasses. Once back in the showroom he went about showing all the various spectacles at different price ranges, I re-iterated I only wanted the £25 pair, he replied " you don't want to look like a ninnie ". Over the past few days his reply has infuriated me because firstly it has affected my self esteem because I lack confidence in wearing glasses and secondly being on a low income it has taken me a long time to save up for an over priced eye test and for glasses which I can ill afford. I presume as a multi-million pound company you train your staff to verbally abuse or insult it's new and existing customers, I would imagine it could have been a different story if I could afford the top of the range glasses as his commission would have been higher than the £25 pair. If Specsavers don't like their cheap frame range then why bother to sell it. The next time I am due an eye test which will be in two years time I will take my business elsewhere so I can be respected as a customer and be treated professionally and not be insulted by staff if I can only afford the cheapest brand or range of glasses.

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