Specsaverstried to change my contact lenses

I wear contacts which I have been buying on the lensemail scheme for over 5 years, these contacts are the daily type and when I started to wear them had trouble with them being very thin, I tended to split them and ended up in A&E several times
to get half a lense removed from my eye, rather than stop wearing them my opticians in specsavers London tried several types with me to ensure I was happy with them and I have had problems since.

This year I moved to the Isle of Wight and last week I went for a sight test and contact lense test.

My records were sent from London and they were aware of the lenses I use, they insisted that I contacted lensmail to ensure that they were down as my new opticians- although I had already contacted lensmail with my address I agreed to do so.

Afterwards when I returned home I had a phone call from Ryde saying not to bother contacting Lensmail, as my contact lenses were discontinued and they were changing the ones I use, I was very angry about this as I as TOLD they were doing this and not ASKED if it was Ok for them to change my lenses, I was asked why I was angy as 'no one else had complained' I insisted that I had an appointment so I could compare the ones I have to the ones they were going to replace them with, I actually feel this should have been offered to me as a matter of course.

I then contacted lensmail, who would not tell me if my lenses were discontinued but offered to ring the shop, even though I had told them 3 times it was Ryde I was dealing with they actually phoned my old London branch, however the London branch had told them I could still have my old lenses, they then offered to ring Ryde and ring me back.

Whilst I was waiting for this call I rang Ryde again and told them that as far as lensmail were concerned I could have my lenses and that they would be ringing them.

I found out the makers name of my lenses and contacted them and was told they were NOT discontinued by them and also range 3 online lens suppliers who stated they could supply me with the ones I wanted.

The next day I went into the Ryde shop to get my lens prescription but was told there was 'no optician on site' so I would have to wait a week, as far as I am aware they have had no contact with lensmail.

I also went to another highstreet opticians armed with one of my lenses, who checked their version of it and confirmed they could supply me.

I have now cancelled my DD with lensmail and cancelled my contract with them.

Knowing that specsavers are franchises, I suspect that Ryde were going to fob me of with cheaper lenses ( and therefore thinner) and I also suspect that they believe they have a captured market on the island as I believe there are only 2 specsavers here and therefore felt that I should put up or shut up.

After 8 years as a customer with Specsavers and 5 years on the lens scheme I have now left them

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