Spa Lady / Will not accept lifetime patrons

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Many years ago 1984 my sister and I signed up at Spa Lady fitness club. We were regular clients. We paid our fee for 2 years and got a year free. Then they had a promotion that if you signed up 3 more people in a month you received a lifetime membership. Both my sister and I did this and received a card that said lifetime member. After a few years we had stopped going because we had moved and it wasn't so convenient for us. We did try to go workout a few years ago and they had a password system that we were not aware of and they turned us away even though we had our cards with us. Recently I was in a mall and they trued to sign me up. I explained I was a lifetime member but I couldn't use the facilities. One of the employees said she would look into it. She called me later that day and said because the company had changed owners that they could not honor it. They may have changed owners but the company still has the same name and provides the same service. I think this is a very poor decision on behalf of this company especially when we brought in more client's for the company. Also it appears that there is no head office to send my complaint to. The website refers you to contact your local Spa Lady in your area, which I did and you already know the response I was given. I would like to take this matter further but don't know who to contact. Would you be able to assist?

Aug 22, 2014

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