Spa Lady Fitness (International Fitness Holdings) / poor service & terrible cancellation process

TransCanada Mall Location, Calgary, AB, Canada

I moved to BC from Calgary a year ago and have been trying to cancel my gym membership at Spa Lady since I left. Each month this bill me $30 for a membership I haven't used in over 12 months. I tried to cancel my membership at my gym (TransCanada Mall location) before I left Calgary and the girls at the front told me they couldn't help me - that I "need to go online and contact the head office". They were so indifferent and truly under trained because they couldn't explain the process of cancellation or my options. I moved, joined a new gym in BC and mailed in my cancellation request (my computer/scanner wasn't set up so mail was my best option). Life got busy and I assumed my request was received. 3 months ago I saw that I was still being charged by Spa Lady and I faxed head office (International Fitness Holdings) a letter explaining that I had already sent in my cancellation request and I also included proof that I was a member at a BC gym. Today I called to follow up ONCE AGAIN because IM STILL BEING CHARGED and a senior customer service agent named Shawn told me that they received my fax but there's nothing they can do for me and that they can't help me. I had to pay another $150 to cancel a membership that I have been trying to cancel for a year! Spa Lady promises a high level of customer service, but they have failed, since they have such a disconnect from their own head office. ANY GOOD GYM would help customers cancel at the club location - instead I was sent to deal with a head office that doesn't care to hear what the customer is saying. IM VERY UPSET with the poor customer service and the general disregard for making the cancellation process simple and clear. OH and they're toll free number only works within Alberta - thanks for nothing SPA LADY & International Fitness Holdings.

Sep 03, 2014

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