Southwest Gas / Southwest Gas charges

Carson City, NV, United States

Account # [protected] I sold my house in Carson City, NV on January 26, 2015. On January 27th, I contacted Southwest Gas explaining the house had been sold and asked them to close my account with them. The lady I talked to said she would do that immediately. Over the next two months, Southwest Gas charged me an additional $210.23 for that house that I no longer owned. When I contacted them, they said the house was in my deceased husband's name so they ignored my request to close the account. They didn't mention that issue on January 27th and just said they'd close the account. Even after shutting off the gas to the Carson City house, Southwest Gas charged me another $18.68.
Prior to contacting Southwest Gas on January 27th, I had contacted the utility/tax offices in Carson City and requested a refund from both offices. Both of these accounts were still in my husband's name yet there was no problem in getting the refund. I contacted Southwest Gas after talking to the city personnel so didn't expect the account name to be an issue. We'd been married for 49 years and lived in the house that was sold for 47 years.

May 19, 2015

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