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I have Southwest gas and they are requesting a $525 deposit for paying my gas bill late. I emailed them stating that the deposit amout is not reasonable and I can not afford that. They sent me an email to contact customer service. I called and they stated you have to pay or your services will be disconnected March 28, 2018. I guess my family won't be having any hot water soon, because I refuse to pay a deposit og $525.


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      Mar 26, 2018

    Hi Shaw.

    I'm sorry to hear of your frustration. Unfortunately when one is late on a bill it can be a sure sign other late payments may follow. The regulations don't allow for the ability to vary from this.

    You might consider very quickly changing out any gas based appliances to electric, although you need to be aware that the energy use alone will cost more; and that's on top of the appliance/installation costs.

    Also kindly be aware that if the gas is turned off and you want it back on, there's additional charges for that.

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      Jul 19, 2018


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      Jul 19, 2018

    [censored] you! 🖕🏾

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