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I'd like to complain about Southwest's new electronic standby list. twice, i have been forgotten by a southwest agent who didn't check the electronic list. both instances i checked in early. both instances i had approached the ticket counter a second time within 30 minutes of departure and been told to wait for my name to be called. the first instance, i was lucky because there was noone in line, i approached the counter right before the gate was about to close and they got me on. the second time, yesterday, i waited patiently at a seat near the counter. When I realized most of the passengers had bordered, i approached the man at the gate because there was a long line at the counter. He told me i'd have to stand in line. while standing in line, the gate closed and i missed my flight. What frustrates me is the plane only had 80 passengers, but they still wouldn't issue me a boarding pass twenty minutes before the plane was supposed to leave. The rest of the flights that day were booked. i was transfered from tampa to jacksonville although the flight from jacksonville was booked as well. then i was transfered to nashville, and finally home to baltimore at one in the morning instead of 7pm at night. I used up all my extra standby tickets. And to top it off, the agent who'd forgotten to call my name didn't even acknowlege it.

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  • Pa
      Feb 26, 2009

    I was just wondering. Were you flying on buddy passes? Or, were you flying as a dependent of an employee? Either way, you were flying for free. I wouldn't complain so much when you didn't purchase a ticket. I agree that some SWA employees can be down right rude, but if you are flying on someone else's passes, you should just be thankful that you made it on a flight.

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