Southeast Toyota Finance / end of lease nightmare

Worst experience of my life. When lease was ending was told pre inspection was optional not required so I expected a turn in inspection. Outright lie was sent a bill for everything on pre inspection even after correcting everything, including charge for extra month saying I turned in late even though turn in had correct date. Have mailed and faxed in paperwork spoken to them over a dozen times and given the run around yet none of the charges are ever taken off. This includes a charge for missing key 100.00 which was not on my wife's key ring at inspection and was never asked for by inspector. Dealer even gave me a letter with the person at the dealerships name and phone number on it now they are saying I need to make a third trip to the dealership which is in another town because they did not print the letter on the correct letterhead. Have been a loyal toyota customer for over 20 years and pitched 9 different cars but if this is the way I am treated I will never finance with this company again.

Aug 21, 2018

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