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South African Airways / beware

1 United States

I'll try and be brief You will think I'm kidding, but this really did all happen in one day.

OR Tambo International - Johannesburg, South Africa

Flight SA 190 - Johannesburg - Mauritius

1. My stolen baggage report (A GPS and Braai Tongs were stolen) from a month earlier had not been handled yet and I was told to come back in a week's time.

2. At the check in, I walked up to check in as there was nothing going on at one of the counters. I was told that "she is not ready". As I walked back she muttered "that's why you wait until you are told to move!". There was literally no-one in sight to tell me or anyone anything.

3. When I got to a different counter I greeted a gentleman, back-sliding on his chair who barely acknowledged my presence. While he handled my passport and credit card he spent most of the time smiling at the lady on his right and speaking to the man on his left. I understand and speak 3 African languages, so I knew that his conversation certainly wasn't work related. He was being deliberately slow.

4. There was no special assistance ready for an elderly wheel-chair bound Mauritian lady.

5. As I fell asleep on the plane the woman behind me started blaring Afrikaans dance music through a speaker so the whole cabin could hear every word and beat loudly.

6. The 1st hostess smiled and said it was fine.

7. The 2nd hostess asked that it be switched off.

8. The 1st hostess said turn it back up again, the 1st hostess will get over it.

9. The woman was part of a large "work" group going on a trip. Nashua if I'm not mistaken.

10. The group was given their first "legal" alcoholic beverage by the hostess.

11. With the promise of a tip, the hostess continued to supply liquor to the group.

12. They became increasingly intoxicated and started shouting, singing and swearing (cussing) while the music was blaring.

13. They gave a sizeable tip/bribe to the hostesses.

14. Upon arrival I saw that my zip lock had been cut off.

15. My toiletry bag was wide open inside.

16. There is no sticker on my case saying that my bag was searched.

17. SAA will be charging up to R10 000 for one way domestic trips in June/July 2010.

18. I fly more than twice a month on SAA.


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