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Although souq had a joint venture with amazon it should be advancing and progressing with their over all services starting from the call center to the delivery company, if amazon would pin point and realize such disappointing service they would not jeopardize tarnishing their reputation linking their name with souq and lose clients due to words of mouth and lose margin, or if they need to succeed they should immediate corrective actions and audit continuously, please find below the reasons
1- order # [protected] is placed on 25 may2018
2- order should be received between 30 may - june 2
3- call center hardly answer calls for 3 days to feed back on shipment status.
4- shipment arrived on 2 june
5- it was delayed for no good reason
6- it was not the ordered item
7- shipment delivery agent said you will pay for the item
8- I did not accept the wrong item and returned it
9- shipment delivery agent had the audacity to tell me that I will cancel your future orders.
10- I don't care and will not order any item again and will forward a complaint to amazon
11- ebay is far more respectable and professional than you
Already this email had been sent to amazon

Jun 02, 2018

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