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Good day. I am Greg Robberts. Client number -[protected]. On 19/04/2017 I purchased a Karcher DS 5600, order number [protected]. Upon receiving it on 20/04/2017, we switched it on and I noticed the retractable electrical cable did not lock in place after extension but retracted by itself, pulling it from the electrical socket. Which is a safety issue, apart from the fact that it is a faulty product. I contacted the customer care department and explained the situation. The operator suggested that I return the product and purchase another machine and would be refunded upon collection of the faulty one. I made another purchase, order number - [protected] on 21/04/2017. I received the new order on 24/04/2017. Upon the delivery I requested the courier to take the faulty one with him, which he refused. I had to contact the customer care center again and collection was eventually made on 27/04/2017. There was no correspondence from them and no refund was made after collection. I contacted them to inquire concerning the refund on 02/05/2017 and the operator informed me that I would not be refunded because of "damaged packaging". Which I did not agree with. I was then issued with a complain ticket number 8931764, via email. A few hours later I received an email to confirm that Souq was not going to refund me. I contacted their customer care department again and this time the operator said that there was no fault concerning the machine and therefore it would not be refunded and I had to accept this machine back, without a refund. It is clear that these two operators reasons for the non refundable product are quite contradictive. This makes me wary to the fact that their intentions are dishonorable and unethical because the packaging was not damaged and the machine was definitely faulty (hence the fact that I made a second purchase).
I would expect my full refund expeditiously from them.
Thank you for your kind assistance!

May 2, 2017

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