SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / htc mobile supplied by dod_uae complaint #8497686and 8531670

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Dear Sir,

I purchased HTC M8 4 G mobile from from DOD_UAE suuplier in Jan-2017. They displayed the item as 4 G but supplied item was 3 G (older version). I realized this when I placed 4 G SIM in mobile. To which I have raised above mentioned ticekt number # at SOUQ but no action so far. I am really shocked with this kind of attitue from supplier and Souq. Regardles of 15 days refund policy, no one can check full configuration of phone upfront. I noticed this defect once I place 4 G sim in my phone and it did not worked. Such thing should not be happened from reputable supplier like DOD_UAE

You are requested to kinldy look into teh matter and rectify the item as it is still under warranty for one year from

Complaint number 8497686and 8531670
Thank you for understanding


Mar 29, 2017

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