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Sony Ericsson P990i / Bitter experience with Sony Ericsson mobile and service!

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I had a bitter experience with Sony Ericsson's P990i product and one of Sony Ericsson's certified service center when I gave my Sony Ericsson mobile (P990i) purchased from samar communication, palam vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana-122017 vide receipt no 177 dated Apr 27, 2007 on my Citi bank gold credit card by paying Rs 28203/- with warranty of one year. (Which I feel overcharged as per few other dealers, the cost at that time was Rs 20,000, followed by lots of freebies ) . Subsequently, purchased 2 GB memory on my Stanchart Platinum credit card by paying Rs 3300/- on June 27, 2007 as advised by the dealers.

The phone started malfunctioning and I encountered a number of problems from the day one such as 1) The phone was unable to save more than 16 contacts to SIM, on repeat process the same random 16 numbers again get saved. 2) The phone could not accommodate more than 60-70 lists in the contacts, to save more than that few other numbers have to be deleted. 3) Despite enhancing to 2 GB as suggested by the dealers, the same problems persists. 4) Unable to save to memory stick from the contacts. 5) The memory stick cover does not shut properly the way it should have been in other phone with same models. 6) It shows some messages such as information can't be found/ no memory and at time SG/... etc. In totality, I was not satisfied with the product and all my efforts to diagnose the actual fault gone vain.

Finally, I carried the mobile to Sony Ericsson's DT City Center, Gurgaon, Haryana on Jun 02, 2007 and showed to the staff, after thorough checking they advised me to go to Arcade near JMD in Gurgaon and at lasy, advised me to go to Sony Ericsson's certified Service center at Galeria, Gurgaon, Haryana.

I visited Galeria and shown to Mr PK Koul,Floor Incharge, JLK Enterprises, Galeria, Gurgaon he in turn, requested me to come the very next day with all documents after listening to my problems and my query to replace the handset with a new one. The next day, I took my set along with complete documents as requested by him. But to my dismay, he got into some sort of ordeal stating that the set goes to other repair center for advanced diagnosis, from there another center. He told me that it takes minimum 16-18 days and the replacement also comes from there. When I requested for a substitute he got offended and even refused to undertake the repair and asked me to go ahead wherever I wish to. He refused to give me in writing in the letter head when I asked him to pen down why he could not service.

At the end of the ordeal,he had asked me to hand over the set to the technician which I did.

I brought this incident to the knowledge of Sony Ericsson's customer service center number of times. But to my dismay, I get only one reply that they would come back to me with best possible solutions.

I threatened them by demanding the amount spent on the mobile (Rs 28203+ Rs 3300= Rs 31503) and for the damages or lodging FIR and going to consumer court/News Papers etc, but the company/customer service center was unmoved and stopped corresponding with me. My official as well as personal work is suffering without the phone. Finally, I received a replacement (as per the service center it was a new phone despite pointing out the huge difference in the IMEI number) P990i with IMEI NO. is [protected] on June 15, 2007 at 1920 hrs with out the screen protector against my brand new phone IMEI No. [protected]. It appears that P990i is a bad product and I came to know from the service engineer that the company has stopped its production as several customers are approaching the company with innumerable complaints.


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N  28th of Jun, 2007 by 
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SonyEricsson is my last selection. Se was so crazy to ending write Fw for P990. Last Firmeare is ### and my P990 at video capturing is sharp-less and unfocused at all. Only Nokia.
A  28th of Jun, 2007 by 
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SonyEricsson, please wake up!!!
A  28th of Jun, 2007 by 
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Why sonyericsson stopping write new Firmware for p990? It has many bugs in last update.
A  1st of Jul, 2007 by 
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I would never buy Sony Ericsson anymore, i was big fan, i used SE since T series and keep upgrading till p990. I even visit and try P1 at their stand at Singapore Broadcast Asia, i was plan to upgrade to P1 but since they stop develop p990i, i drop ma plan.

Now they leave loyal customer to pain... the p990i price suddenly drop, u suck Sony Ericsson! Oh they should change brand to "Sorry Erroneous!" what a lame.

My first and last nokia phone is 5110, i should go back to nokia from now on, oh yeaaa Die Hard 4 using communicator and its cool! Time to go back to real phone support!
A  3rd of Jul, 2007 by 
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I think what we must do its to go to all their new phone promo and tell people how good they are... i will be doing so in Malaysia.
A  3rd of Jul, 2007 by 
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I agree. P990 has HUGE potential. I bought it because of it's great form-factor and multitude of text entry methods. However the firmware is riddled with bugs (some serious enough to prevent you making/receiving calls). And SE, after releasing a long-awaited firmware update that introduced yet more problems, decided to stop releasing firmware! Ridiculous decision which means that I'll not be touching SE devices any more.
A  4th of Jul, 2007 by 
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Sony stop firmware for p990. I stop purchasing any product with sony label or name. Thats it. Its final.

Its the worst thing sony is doing specially Mr.niklas sivander. If sony wants its brand name to be on top the sony should fired Mr. niklas sivander. He is really a brand killer. Shame on sony ericsson
A  22nd of Jul, 2007 by 
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Those who have not satisfied with Sony Ericsson products may approach / lodge an online complaints at CORE Centre (Consumer Online Resource & Empowerment Centre) against Sony Ericsson - CORE- an initiative supported by Ministry of Consumer Affairs will mediate on your behalf with the provider of products / services to get your grievance redressed amicably.
A  1st of Aug, 2007 by 
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SonyEricsson, wake up!!!
A  6th of Aug, 2007 by 
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Hello, my issue is i bought a sony ericsson mobile k750i in the month of may by 27th may 2007. Phone was working fine but after 2 month's in july 2nd. 2007 my phones battery was started draining fast i gave the mobile to get cure at sony authorized center thy gave me the mobile back on 8 july an said my mobile is ok but i started using on that same day my battery again started draining fast again i gave my mobile on that same authorized center then they said ok your mobile is ok but battery is not fine so we will give u the new battery. They said they will replace the battery from there head office which is in grant road. Then they said come after 7 days u will get the new battery but after approx after one month later i got my battery back on 31st july. When i checked the battery which thy had given to me was not good. Like they had rapped the paper on that battery and stick the sony tagged when i asked about that they said from the head office we got this battery.. Then i said ok but when i started use the phone then again same thing happen the battery was getting drained fast again i went to the same office on next day they said ok then something might be wrong with mobile... This is happened on 1st aug 2007.. Again they had taken my mobile and still i had got no feed back when i call nobody pick's up the phone on that center... I mean to say that within 2 months i am facing problem on that mobile and the service is also not satisfactory for me almost one month without mobile how can i stay...
A  15th of May, 2008 by 
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I have bought P990i from Dubai. Now I am in Bangalore. I love Sony Products and SonyEriceeon.Now I have very big confusion. The big company product has this type problem? Really I can’t believe I mean the P990i incoming volume very very low. Please send me details or SonyEriceeon authorized service center in Bangalore
N  15th of May, 2008 by 
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Dear Sir,

I suggested please arrange each and every city SonyEriceeon services center particularly P990i.please or send Bangalore SonyEriceeon authorized services center. Please please please
N  20th of May, 2008 by 
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I bought a Sonyericsson P1i in Dubai Duty Free late September 07. A month later, in Kuwait where I work, the phone turned itself off. When I turned the unit back on it went in a loop of turning on, showing the SE logo, displaying the progress bar as if to complete the boot, and then turning itself off - it has been like that since.

I contacted the service center(Fono) in Dubai that was on the warranty. I was told that they cannot honor the warranty and that I should contact the place where I bought the unit.

I contacted the SE service center in Kuwait (Barrak) where they looked at it for a couple of hours then told me "to bring it back to dubai."

I went back to Dubai in December, 07 and contacted the Customer Service of the Dubai Airport Duty Free Shop - where I bought the unit. I showed the person at the counter the problem (booting on and off) - I was told that they will arrange for the unit to be sent to their service center. I went back to Kuwait.

In JAnuary, 2008, the Duty Free emailed to inform me that they couldn't do anything with the unit and attached to the email was a report from the service center saying that the motherboard of the unit is bent; and that the unit has been misused - and that I should collect the unit.

How could I have misused a brand new phone for its motherboard to bend? So I wrote back in protest.

They said that the SE service center in Kuwait might be responsible - and that I should have contacted the Duty Free first. But the warranty said that I shoud contact Fono - which I did. Who contacts the retailer for repair anyway?

A lot of pages of email later, I went back to Dubai in March and collected the unit.

So now, I have a Sony Ericsson P1i that's been used for only a month, that boots on and off and still under warranty (until Sept.2008). I have long since bought a Motorola Z6.

Lessons learned:

Do not buy a phone in Dubai Duty Free Shop. If I had gone home to Australia, it meant that I had to go back to Dubai to have it repaired. Also, what is the sense of issuing me a warranty card that was inaccurate? I will never shop there again.

Sony Ericsson's customer care service is appaling. The service centers in the Gulf are incompetent. I have two service centers pointing fingers at each other. By the way, I bought my first Sonyericsson phone in 2003, a T610. The same thing happened (booting on and off) but there was no problem fixing it in Australia. But because of this bad P1i experience, I will not buy another Sonyericsson phone again.

I am thinking of hiring a lawyer. What do you think? If there's anyone who could help please contact me.
A  15th of Jul, 2008 by 
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my p990i wheel broke and this firmware has alot of bugs.the phone is good when you hack it.and add programs to help.theres not enough ram too.lossless ram you have to restart the phone to get it back!
A  19th of Jul, 2008 by 
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Dear gents,

Dont bother about this P990i. Months ago a got fed up with it and just smash it on the wall. stupid phone.
N  25th of Jul, 2008 by 
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Good day

I have a mobile Sony ericsson P9901 we buy on last year July 2008 in Saudi Arabia and now I’m here in Kuwait. But my handy phone now is a giving a problem is hung up whenever I open it is only vibrating so i don't know what is the problem? and i look a Sony ericsson in here at Kuwait but i didn’t found the authorized Sony ericsson service center in here at state of Kuwait can you please help me about my problem and here the serial no of my mobile is IMEI: 35959300-248420-3 / 1472/147 AND IC: 4170B-FD022011 AND GFAAAAB 06W39 MADE IN FRANCE / CE 0682 that’s all and I did not read the other no#. Because a have sticker is axiom telecom. Please help me about my problem and here in my mobile no +9655145198

thank very much

Best regards,

Ace vergel
N  31st of Jul, 2008 by 
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A  2nd of Aug, 2008 by 
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I had purchased P990i in Dec 07 through internet via sify on SBI card. Since it was working okay, I purchased another P990i for my daughter. But recently, my phone's LCD calibration is lost. I showed it to Sony Service Centre in Mumbai. They said I have to pay for LCD screen because phone purchase country is not India. I can not understand how this can happen? when I made payment in Rupees and instrument was delivered to me on my Mumbai address?
Sony is cheating customers. Even my daughter's phone is not working. Flip keyboard stopped functioning.
I was fan for Sony phones, earlier used K750i.
But now decided to switch over to Nokia.
Sony should wake up.
N  3rd of Aug, 2008 by 
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N  20th of Nov, 2008 by 
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I bought a sony ericsson w580i 2 months ago> The battery was not holding the charge. Phoned sony they sent a new battery after a considerable wait, still not holding charge, rang again had to send phone back. Had a letter last week saying that the phone is liquid damaged, they will not replace it and I will have to pay £12.00 to get the broken phone back. There is no way that this phone was liquid damaged when I sent it back. Is there anyone who can help me with my dilema.

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