Softbank Prepaid Sim Card / Prepaid sim card

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I purchased a prepaid sim card to use with my iPad. I was cycling from Niigata to Hiroshima and needed an affordable why to keep in contact with my family back in the USA and my friend back in Niigata. After much research I found that SoftBank sold a 1 gig prepaid data sim card. I went to bic camera and the sales rep sold me a card. It worked wonderfully! I was able to get a connection while cycling through the mountains of Matsumoto! Though i thought it was peculiar the network i was connected to said Docomo. When I hit the 1 gig limit I was prompted to renew by credit card. I did so, but noticed it was through b-mobile's site. The service continued to be stellar. I made it through my trip safely thanks to this card.

Now I am living in Saga, Japan and need portable Internet access. I went to the SoftBank by Saa Station, next to the AU. They took an hour of my life only to inform me that they couldn't do anything because I had a Docomo sim card.ok.i understand...but Docomo doesn't sell prepaid service. Fine. They didn't even seem to care that one of their 3rd party representatives was selling another company's product/service under their name. And instead of selling me a SoftBank prepaid sim card, their eyes ushered me to the door, as if doing their job as a customer service rep was such an uncomfortable inconvenience. I don't know which company to thank for the excellent Internet service, but I do know which one doesn't hold integrity to be an important value.

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