SNGPL Kohat / bill correction and meter replacement


The Registrar(OGRA),
Most respectfully allow me to say that I have submitted a photocopy of the December 2011 bill in SNGPL Kohat office for the purpose of replacing meter by the direction of the billing officer. But in next month the Surcharge also comes in January 2012 bill . when I complaint against it to the Billing officer (Kamran Jan Gr-11) he told me that pay the the bill in installment and from next month we will revise the extra reading and will replace the meter. I do the same .But in February 2012 no replacement of meter is done by the SNGPL office and then the bill comes with the old charges + 4000 rupees more extra in March 2012.I again complaint against the bill and meter replacing. and I also submit a bill copy(I have submitted 4 bill copies from January to April 2012) after passing 4 months no meter is still replaced by the SNGPL Office Kohat. Now in April bill 6580Rupees are more added due to meter problem. when I contact on this matter with the billing officer he answered me that we will replace the meter soon and can’t do any thing for you and pay the bill and we are not responsible for this .and cancelled my application against the bill correction.
Kindly sir by heart I request you please take notice of this we are not able to pay this bill and I have done what I can do for replacing the meter.
My Consumer no. is [protected]


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