Snap Fitnessthey'll threaten you

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I joined the Snap Fitness in NE Mpls. I lost my wallet and canceled my credit card and forgot that the membership was on the card. Thet called me the next month to ask about it and I apologized and told them that when I got my new card I'd call them.

Well, they didn't even give me a grace period of a few days but canceled my card and said I could use it again if I brought them cash and then they told me that if I didn't bring them cash, they'd use my canceled credit card to try to rack up service fees on me.

So I told them to just cancel the membership. They wouldn't let me cancel over the phone but made me go to their operation to fill out a "form." The nice teenager managing the place gave me a blank 8 x 11 sheet of paper to "fill out." I asked her what she needed and she shrugged. I wrote "I quit."

Beware which Snap you go to, these are all small business owners managing in their own way. The company gives them ideas on how to rack up fees and some will do it and some won't.

Broadway Avenues Snap Fitness will try to wring you dry given the opportunity.


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      Dec 28, 2010

    It sounds like the owner of this club did not train their employees correctly. At the Snap where I work, people do have to come in to cancel and we have a cancellation form on the computer that we we print out, sign, date, etc. Handing someone a blank sheet of paper is just wrong.

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