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I have tried to apply for a variety of positions at several companies including Kohls; I am well qualified as well as capable for each of these positions, yet according to Snag a Job Im not. The questions asked are so vaugely general how can you fit peronal qualifing criteria in such a general manner? I would allready have the job if I could just get past Snag a Job! I know this for a fact since with out Snag a Job I was able to get a similar position at Target overnight, however I prefered to be at kohls and hope that Snag a Job doeas somthing different with its application set up.

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  • Dm
      Feb 28, 2011

    I feel the same way, and want to get a job at Kohls.Can you resubmitt because I changed my avalabitaty.?I have tryed three times, worked 20 years in retail.Please resubmit me.To wait 35 days is not right.

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  • Dm
      Feb 28, 2011

    Marjorie Wentworth My name has not a d in front

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  • Ji
      Jun 06, 2011
    snag a job - scam
    snag a job
    United States

    Have applied to several jobs on this site. Have experience in the field I applied for. Have noticed some of my applications we not sent to the employers web site. Sent email asking why they were not sent, no reply from the company. Have also noticed strange emails, from people I have had no contact with.

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  • In
      Sep 08, 2011

    I applied for the same kohls position 3 times all 1 month apart wondering why I was always "not qualified" or something along those lines i even stooped as low to look up someones previous question on as to what the right answers were (wow who would've guessed all my answers were correct?) and still I was "not qualified." Finally after waiting about 3 more months I once again tried filling out another application for kohls and did not receive that I was not qualified so I have no idea what's wrong with them but it's either fixed or I got lucky.

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  • Mo
      Sep 10, 2011

    I applied online and was told " there is nothing available for your qualifications at this time". So this time I called the store and asked for the hiring coordinator. She told me the DO have positions open for my part time evening and weekend hours. I completed a new app online and called back to tell her it was there. Next day, I went into the store and the store manager was working on the floor, so I introduced myself to him and told him what I was looking for and about my experience. He put an email in to the hiring coordinator telling her to find my app and get it out as I was very qualified. He said if I did not get a call in two weeks, to call him back personally. Sometimes you have to take an extra step or two! The manager knew from that I was very serious about work.

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