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My Perfect Resume Complaints & Reviews

My Perfect Resume / Sneaky Billing Practices

Jun 15, 2019

I signed up for 14 days only and they keep billing me and charging my card. I am careful about reading the fine print when I sign up for a service and there was no mention any billing past 14 days or a subscription. I Found out months later I had been billed $24.95 a month since. And you...

My Perfect Resume / the recurrent billing is fraudulent billing practice

Jun 09, 2019

12/2008 to today did not realize I was being billed 24.99 per month. No receipt sent or acknowledgment. I thought I was paying for 14 days of access not ongoing. Caught it on my CC receipt. This is not upfront business practices. If this company were transparent they would send receipts, but...

My Perfect Resume / this organisation scams people. I have been charged $38 for months now and I did not order the service. this is criminal...

Jun 06, 2019

This company has defrauded me...I have never registered with them and they have been billing me for months. Criminals... I will be contacting my bank and speaking to the fraud division. I have only realised with this months statement that this charge has been going on for months. Who are...

My Perfect Resume / my perfect resume

May 24, 2019

Please kindly look into this. I built my resume, spent a lot of time into it. They showed a fee of 135.77 INR and didn't mention that we will be charged after that and that too without our permission. They suddenly debited 1739 INR from my account and i had no clue about it. They are total fraud and doing this since a very long time. Please review this.

My Perfect Resume / auto subscriptions for $35 every 4 weeks

May 03, 2019

12th April 2019, bought service for $2.95 for 14 days, and I did not notice the auto subscriptions for $ 35 at then end of it. Even I cancelled it, it will still charge me extra $35 on 24th May 2019. It is said in the email when you cancelled the subscription. The now have my bank card...

My Perfect Resume / fraud

Apr 19, 2019

First of all, they don't say clearly they are going to charge you every month. Then I cancel my subscription on January 2019, and they continuing charging me on February, March, April ... I called them, I wrote them, but they don't reply, they don't return me the incorrect charges. I have...

My Perfect Resume / they taken 25 dollars without my knowledge.

Apr 08, 2019

I had paid the 3.95 for one thing I need it.i ended up not using it, Anyway after 14 days they have withdrawn 24.95 from my account with my knowledge I speaking to customer service told him to refund me the the money he said the only amount they could refund is 4.95 and I told him what...

My Perfect Resume / continued direct debit

Feb 27, 2019

My son, visited the web page of myperfectresume, just to see how to write an acceptable resume. I lent him my credit card, so he could write his resume which enables him to obtain a builders licence. Much to our surprise, the amount debited continued without our knowledge, I have not added...

My Perfect Resume / scam that preys on vulnerable people

Feb 19, 2019

As most of the others who have complained about this "product". I was lured in by the promise of a "free" resume. Now I'm no fool, I knew it wasn't going to be free, and I am very adept at reading the small print. $3.95 to download my resume and cover letter with two full weeks of acce...

My Perfect Resume / myperfresume

Feb 03, 2019

Your company has been direct debiting my account without my consent. I can't contact you to cancel this subscription, that we didn't sign up for, as we are in Australia. You need to have contact numbers that actually connect you to someone who can help. There wasn't full disclosure on your...

My Perfect Resume / misleading

Jan 23, 2019

Claims to be free, you spend your time building a resume when templates are free everywhere and then they won't let you have or use it without paying and signing up for a subscription. Who in their right mind wants to pay nearly $40 a month for a resume template builder. What a scam. I...

My Perfect Resume / fraud they stole my money. run away from this company

Jan 23, 2019

Run away from this company. I had an irregular charge in my card £19.79. I didn't subscribe in their services, it is an irregular charge. I wanna my money, what kind of company do this? It is disgusting. It is ilegal. I wanna my money. Run away from this site: This is a thief stroke...

My Perfect Resume / my perfect resume is a scam!!

Jan 12, 2019

THIS IS A SCAM!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION!! They have been charging me $24.99 a month for 4 months and they wont send a single email receipt so you won't know you are getting charged (WHAT COMPANY DOESN'T SEND A RECEIPT?!? If someone is accepting of the charges, these charges are...

My Perfect Resume / straight up lies

Dec 03, 2018

This fucking website isn't free, you have to pay for your resume. Heard lots of it not cancelling after awhile. You are better off making your own resume or use any other site, fuck go to your local employment office. I just wanted to complete a project but this fucker right there hides it...

My Perfect Resume / 100% fraud / intention is for only trial subscription for 1$. but ended up paying 50 usd for just 40 days...

Nov 27, 2018

These company is day time cheats and 100% Fraud. without Customer consent, they just roll them in to monthly subscription and charge 25USD Every month... These service value is not even worth of few $dollars.. There is no official Bill sent? only learnt from Credit card statement.. When my...

My Perfect Resume / fraudulent charges

Oct 20, 2018

MY PERFECT RESUME = MY PERFECT SCAM The way THEY work is simple: * They think You The People are stupid. * Therefore, they offer you a "free" trial, or ask for a nominal fee, say $1.95. Of course they'll need your credit card number, or your bank account number. * You need a job, so you...

My Perfect Resume / taken money

Oct 09, 2018

My husband used this service once to do a resume at the end it asked a small fee to download it.. we paid and although it took my husband two years to notice $35 coming out every month it came to nearly $750 of fees coming out quietly from his account, for one stinking resume ... I am...

My Perfect Resume / not actually free

Oct 09, 2018

It's not actually free as advertised. I'm pretty annoyed right now. I went through the whole thing and click download, and it's asking for credit card information. Frankly, it's not very expensive, but I'm not going to pay for it out of principle. There's plenty of other resources for...

My Perfect Resume / unethical business practices

Sep 26, 2018

The recurring fee of $24.90 is not make clear. No one in the right mind signs up for that kind of service. Their game is hoping people don't notice these charges. I didn't notice it until the second one. They owe me $49.90. There is communications board where they let you select what you...

My Perfect Resume / recurring charges

Aug 23, 2018

I used this service to help a friend who just graduated from college build a resume. I was't aware that I would be receiving a $24.95 monthly recurring charge. The website is certainly unclear on this. I blame myself for not checking my credit card bill. When I googled, this is what comes up...

My Perfect Resume / "free"resume template is a big scam don't give your credit card info!

Aug 19, 2018

Total SCAM...Very deceiving. Do not use this so called service. "Free" Resume template it is a lie...once you do your resume you are charged $2.99 which after all the effort you put into creating it you can't print it unless you pay so you don't want it to have all been a waste of time so...

My Perfect Resume / recurring charges

Aug 12, 2018

My credit card has been charged for services that I have not received for 6 consecutive months. Lucky for you that I did not realize it until this month. I will not pay you another red cent! I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and I will spread this on social media so that...

My Perfect Resume / resume making website

Aug 08, 2018

Hello, I am writing to formally request a refund of the $209.70 AUD that was debited from my account monthly from to 16 January 2018 to 2 July 2018 (16/01/2018-02/07/2018). I am also requesting you completely remove my account: General Account Settings Account ID: 176896511 Email ID...

My Perfect Resume / unauthorized credit card charge - bills even after cancellation

Jul 28, 2018

I signed up for a trial period, looked at it one day, and then clicked "Cancel Subscription" at the bottom of my account page. Three weeks later, I was charged $24.95. I called and spoke with a customer service representative who sounded very suspect to me. He assured me my account...

My Perfect Resume / false advertising

Jul 25, 2018

Stated a fee and I paid it. Now I see a reoccurring fee taken from my bank account. The resume service was awful, basically a form with fill in the blanks that any company would recognize. Tried to cancel today and hopefully this will be the end of fees. I have now paid over 75 bucks for...

My Perfect Resume / horrible monthly charge without any notice

Jul 18, 2018

I hardly check my Credit Card bill, and when I check today, I was shocked about an unknown payment for 34.95; when I search online, I even don't know what it's about. And after I tried all of my email accounts, I found out which one it is. Firstly, I only use it for once for one resume on...

My Perfect Resume / unauthorized credit card charges + unethical behavior + scam ripoff

May 31, 2018

I have allowed payment on 18-12-2017 one time to your company my perfect resume. All the rest deduction made (at 02-01-2018; 31-01-2018; 27-02-2018; 24-04-2018 and 22-05-2018) 149.7 USD In aggregate is without my complete consent and completely out of my knowledge. I have unsubscribed...

My Perfect Resume / unethical behavior

May 03, 2018

Wow, you guys sure do have your justification blurb down pat!! That must be because you have to dispense it so often. I am so sick of shady business practices, and you are a major contributor. Why would anybody willingly pay $25/month to be in a "resume club" know exactly what you're...

My Perfect Resume / reoccurring charges

Mar 13, 2018

My 17 year old daughter was told to use this sight by her teacher and create a resume. Which we did and I paid once. I did not expect to be paying every month. I have not been able to get in touch with the company via email or phone as the number says it is not connected. I am so...

My Perfect Resume / online resume

Sep 15, 2017

I am being charged on a regular basis for a one of service, this is illegal and stealing. I have contacted my bank and it cant be tracked. This charge needs to be cancelled NOW! I will take this further to an ombudsman for help to have this cancelled. There should be no ongoing charge...

My Perfect Resume / monthly service scam

Aug 22, 2017

Clearly i'm not the only person who got misled into paying $2.95 to download my resume and got charged a monthly service plan. Yes, the 4-week charge is mention in the terms and conditions which is what makes this a scam. People don't read the terms and conditions because...

My Perfect Resume / resume service

Jul 01, 2017

The site isn't upfront that there is a fee for using the service. At the end, after you've spent a lot of time creating the resume, then they charge you for it. You cannot email, print or download without giving them money. There isn't anything additional to add. Basically you are offered...

My Perfect Resume MyPerfectResume / deceptive billing practice

Jun 02, 2017

I signed up under the auspices of their trial, paying in two transactions on my credit card statement, one in the amount of $1.00 and the other in the amount of $.95. I did so after I'd spend time building my supposed "free" resume, It said the subscription would expire in either 7 or 14...

My Perfect Resume / unauthorized billing

May 03, 2017

I was told I will be charged 1.95 and was charged 24.95. I requested the money back, but was not coming. Is this a fraud website? Please let me know. I spoke to the representative and she said the money will be refunded, but not yet. THis was almost 3 months ago. Kind of gave up on it, not... / extra charge

Apr 04, 2017

I paid $2 for subscription and that was supposed to be a trial. There was nowhere said that later I'm going to be charged extra $25! When MyPerfectResume took money from my account I contacted them to ask what was going on. They said that was a monthly payment, but when I told them that I...

My Perfect Resume / company refuses to refund for a service I didn't use

Mar 03, 2017

Used this service once during a 14 day trial, cancelled by phone but was still charged monthly. And the charges just kept piling up. Have called at least three times to get refunded and each time an operator looks at the account, 'escalates it to a supervisor' who they promise will call me...

My Perfect Resume / illegal way to charge

Mar 02, 2017

I have made an account on their website so as to make my Resume and they had charged $3.64 for downloading the Resume and cover letter. While doing the transaction, i didn't receive any pop up or T&C regarding auto renewal thing and also saving my card details without asking any prior...

My Perfect Resume / canceling service

Feb 27, 2017

When trying to cancel the subscription, I was advised to click on my account and subscription. The only things available there are: Subscription Overview Account ID:XXXXXXXX Subscription Status:Basic Registeration Date:X/X/XXXX 8:45:00 AM For more information or changes to your...

MyPerfectResume /

Feb 23, 2017

"Your Credit Card ending 9563 was debited, GBP16.95 at AX*MyPerfectCv 8081890676 at 16:51, 23-Feb-17." These people have continued to steal my money! What is the meaning of this. It's clear that they set up this site to steal people's money. How do you explain the fact that...

MyPerfectResume / charged every month

Feb 02, 2017

I signed up for MyPerfectResume and ordered a resume. I was in process of job seeking so it was necessary for me to have a well made resume. That was the main reason why I decided to find a professional resume service instead of doing it myself. I paid $1 for subscription and wasn't...