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Complaints & Reviews

fake account embarrassing

308831 Dear, Good Evening... Please kindly removed and block the account which is under my name " Lenie Cabatan Duhaylungsod " . I didn't do that and please...

BAYT — i'm compalining about not getting job calls even I had paid to bayt on 26/02/2018

618982 I'm not getting job calls even though I had taken 6months service from BAYT on 26/02/2018 and job reference number is 1267871. Pls help and find a suitable job for me...

BAYT — my profile on bayt

Dear Sir/Madam, I am getting errors, while updating my experiences and due to that I have deleted the my Bayt account and created the new one. When I am applying for jobs it i...

bayt premium account subscription cannot be changed - possible scam

BayT - It is impossible to change "premium account subscription" as the button is disabled and all the time when cursor comes to it is covered by something else. Is that legitimate error or deliberately BayT does nor want subscribers to change subscription. It is NOT fair business practice and as a reputable business company should not "hide" account change? Can you pls explain?

mail confirmation problem

Dear team,

please help mre with the below trobleshoout i am facing while using the I am not able to cnfirm my email as not receiving any link and mail while requesting for it. i tried lots of time but still the same proble. i call your customer service they promised to solve the problem and contact me back, but unfortunatelly i didnt get any updates.

My mobile: [protected]
Email: [protected]
Thanks & Regards,

bayt email validation

Please kindly confirm my email. I had challenges registering before. my phone number wasn't being confirmed. I just got a new number yesterday and started the registration process, the number confirmed successfully but then the email have not confirmed since last night. please kindly do something about his so I can get on with job applications. Thank you

bayt email validation

  • He
    Helen Ivanyuk Oct 04, 2017

    Awesome post! I’ll check out some of the tools you mentioned here. I also use provides organization for integration with your mailing client delivering marketing information to targeted audience

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phone number & email confirmation not responding

I registered with bayt using a gmail address but unfortunately the email was not responding so I decided to delete the account. Then I created a new gmail account and registered fresh on bayt again using the new gmail account this time. After that I inputed the same phone number I used on the previous bayt account and bayt refused to confirm it, saying that the number have been registered with bayt. I expected they should have deleted it when I deleted the previous account. Now its affecting the whole profile.

Ive just finished everything else but my phone number cannot be confirmed and i'm not receiving email confirmations as well.

Please can anything be done.

  • Updated by chuks · Sep 05, 2017

    Dear Complaints Board please note that i have clicked on link sent to my mail from you this morning by 5am but there is still no indication of confirmation on my profile as well as my phone number confirmation. please kindly look into this as i may not seem to be able to receive responses on jobs from employers. Please kindly find the attached screen shot as my evidence. Thank you

  • Updated by chuks · Sep 05, 2017

    Dear Complaints Board please i want to also backup my evidence in respect to my 2 previous complaints with the attached screen shot. Please i desperately need your help to eneble me forward applications.
    Thank you

complaint for phone number is not verified

308831 Hello I have tried so many times but my phone number I am not verifying. It always says invalid phone number whenever I try to confirm it. I have tried different number in...

certificate has been shared on google through bayt

I have a member on bayt since long time. my complaint is regarding my educational certificate which i shared on my bayt profile has been shared on google through bayt, which is ridiculous, i am very disappointed.
Kindly look into this matter and requesting you to delete my educational certificate from google page.
For any assistance contact me.
Mohammed shujauddin
Email: [protected]
GSM: +[protected]

certificate has been shared on google through bayt

cv relevency

I have been a member since 3 years..I never got any genuine call from Bayt. It's waste of time..I somehow managed to get a job on my own in one of the school. Poorly executed. It's like "clickbait" making business. They keep sending emails about new job openings, but when u apply for that particular post it prompts CV not 100% relevant. Grow up Bayt..!! I will NEVER recommend this site to anyone.

stay away from these crooks

I don't know what kind of twisted algorithms they use for the CV relevancy, It fluctuates from being on the top 10% one day to the last 10% next day, and whats funny is when i apply for a sales engineer position, my CV is almost not relevant to the position although i have an Engineering degree and MBA from the U.S and i have experience, and i tried editing my CV but no luck, I don't know about you guys but i think having and engineering degree and a business/ marketing degree is pretty much relevant for a sales engineer position, my opinion is that is trying to frustrate you with this CV relevancy BS so u go and pay them money for the CV relevancy services.

  • Hf
    H Farag Apr 20, 2013

    The site is strange, have the same ranking experience was # 3 out of 340 one day following day 107 out of 440 !! and also keep losing CV "experience relevance" bars over time (i.e. start out with 4 bar relevance down to 3 and then 2 !) its like a cell battery bars indicators needs to be charged ???

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  • Ha
    Hanan Aqilan Apr 28, 2015

    I fully agree, I applied for a job two days a go, any CV relevance was 100%, now it is 10%, how come not sure!!! Very weird site!!! Not sure if they do that to push to be a premium user, for me it is not worth it.

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fake service, membership waste of money

I am a junior accountant and was looking for a job in Dubai. I applied to and found several positions that matched my CV. I tried contacting Bayt many times and got no response from them and after a few months they sent me an email telling me that if I applied for their CV services they would guarantee me a job. So they made me pay them $250, they also said we guarantee you a job and sent me this link

I waited for the CV to be returned back to me and it took them over a month. Once I got back my CV I did not see any changes in it and I demanded an answer from them, I have not heard from them since then. This entire episode has taken me 4 months now with constant phone calls to them and emails that are not being replied to. When it came time to take my money they were constantly emailing me to pay.

I am short of $250 and I want justice. Can someone one please let me know which organization I need to complain too. I have also seen other postings about the owner Rabea Ataya being a fraud and a scam artist. Had I knew this I would not apply for their services. I will make sure not one else falls for this CV scam.

bayt is a waste of time for both applicants and job posters

Bayt is a waste of time for both applicants and job posters.

Bayt's application relevancy ranking algorithms are shamefully awry. Each day my application's rankings wildly fluctuated. One day my application is ranked at position 10 out of 400 competing applicants. The next day it plummets down to 350 out of 400. These wild swings continue each day for ALL my applications despite having made no changes to my profile.

This is immensely frustrating after having wasted hours setting up an account and applying for jobs. Until Bayt gets its business in order its users will be wasting their time and not getting value through this job board.

rip off

This website is a money making scheme. They initial services are free and then they force you to pay $250 to create a CV or remain jobless. This is not fair, this is fraud, the are cheating people out of the money they rather use to survive in the countries that $250 really matter.

I have found out the owners name, its Rabea Ataya, this guy is a fraud, scam. He has a very bad reputation in the GCC countries for coming up with money making scams. I did some search on the web and found a lot negative articles on and I am not sure how they can still have an office in Dubai.

There is a way to complain to the UAE authorities its called Al Ameen Services Al Ameen complain here if your have lost $250 for CV creating service.

  • Sa
    Sam77 Jun 17, 2011


    I have my CV online with since the year 2005. I have never been charged and up to my understanding they will never make it a paid service. I was contacted by so many companies through them and I was never asked to pay a dime or even a cent.
    They have a professional service if you want a specialized team to write you a professional CV then it will be a chargeable fee depending on years of experience and other factors.
    Again, having your CV online is free of charge for all job seekers.

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  • Ha
    Hamid Ali Aug 21, 2018


    Dear concerned, deduct amount of AED 115 from my card ending xxxx83722 Dubai without my permission.
    i want to refund my money.
    kind regard
    Hamid Ali

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  • Af
    Aftsik Sep 02, 2018


    Somebody created fraud account on the name of Anvitha Reddy Sarasani. Can you please block or report that as fraud. And please delete that account.
    I didn't wanted have fake accounts. As I dnt know who created that account, please help me deleting that account.

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  • Pr
    Princess Tordesillas Nov 12, 2018

    Kindly remove Princess Tordesillas Receptionist United Arab Emirates account. It is definitely not mine.
    Thank you.

    Princess A. Tordesillas

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