Smashburgerthe way employees are treated

D Nov 18, 2017

This company is such a disgrace to people that dedicate themselves to a company that could careless about the workers and more about money. I used to work for you all at one point. I dedicated my life, in which ended working for this company. I had no social life because I spent at least 6 days a week in the store. I was promoted quickly when hired and promoted again when needed to relocate. I was excited until I received my pay rate as an assistant manager. Let's just say I wasn't getting $12. But I was to do alot for those peanuts y'all call money. I spent alot of out of pocket money to help keep store clean and ran sufficiently. I used my income tax money one year to buy a car just to relocate for the company, just to work at a store not to move across another state. I've worked from open to close lots of times. Sometimes I even worked for free. Just so we could have successful numbers. Opening a new store was a great exp but time consuming. Time I didn't get paid for but still did. Now I've been terminated due to the lies of a customer. Y'all didn't even consider how I felt and why what happened happened. All y'all care about is the money and want the customers to keep coming back even if it means firing the BEST PEOPLE y'all employ. Y'all denied my benefits knowing I have small children. The customers at My old store loved me. Alot of times there b a huge rush and I'm the only one on the front and the customers see my frustration and pain but assure me that I'm doing a GREAT JOB and to not over work myself or get overwhelmed. They were my motivation. I've had customers call corporate because they seen my busting my [censor] for y'all. Since I been fired I've seen a few customers and they were appalled as to why I was terminated. U people should be ashamed of yourselves. You all stop selling 100% beef to 75/25 just to sell to a bidder. All y'all so called fresh vegetables have been cut down in size just to save a dollar. I know the reason. I hope whomever take over cares more for employees then the current owner. I'm glad the new CEO made Denver corporate ppl volunteer in the actual store because y'all get to see what we went thru. Y'all just sit in the m offices and push pens. Try getting spit on at work or the bird flipped at you or a tray thrown at you and all the while u must remain calm and still deliver EXCELLENT CUSTOMER service. EVERYDAY there was a problem. And I'm being paid less then $12 as a A.M and I must take this treatment from customers because y'all cherish money more Roentgen people that helps u get that money. I was a small fish but without us y'all don't have jobs. I wasted my time with this company and y'all need to have a better reason then a lie when u terminate people just so y'all can keep a money flow. Facts. I was mistreated by customer and company. The company didn't care about my feelings only the name "Smash burger". Smh. I could work for McDonald's and get paid way more to be mistreated by customers and yet still smile. Stop lying to save your butts! Remember you was me at one point! Trying to make it to the top. Don't forget where u come from or how u started out. I have principals and morals. And my termination was unlawful a complete lie and senseless. You people are [censor] up. And I hope the lady or man that reads this sends it starts to the top because I will spread the word about this low and foul company. Listen-no one listened to what I had to say! Apologize- I got one b4 being fired but it was school not genuine. Solve-my problem was solved by getting fired and allowing the customer to do what they want and say what they want and y'all believe it. Thank - Don't make me laugh. And to top it off, I was asked to never return to the property for no apparent reason. No worries, I haven't returned not because I was asked but because I'd rather not surround myself around disloyal fake people. This why management in this company quit so much because it's not a family oriented company. No matter how much y'all say it is and want it to be, it's just a dog eat dog world. I may sound bitter but I am not. I've moved on to better and more concerned company. Just figured after 9months of being out of smashbugers slave chains y'all should know how former employees feel or felt. BTW felt like this long b4 my termination. I just thought it would change one day.

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