Smashburgercustomer service was horrible after receiving a very wrong order

Good afternoon,
My boyfriend and I went to smash Burger today on RT. 37 in toms River, NJ. My boyfriend ordered a order of fries, a burger, and onion straws. I ordered a BBQ ranch salad without bacon and a black bean burger added because I'm vegetarian. The food came out great but I noticed a smokey flavor in my salad which I thought was the BBQ sauce at first. After eating more of the salad I realized there was chunks of bacon in my salad. I immediately got sick and obviously upset with this. I went to the bathroom immediately and started throwing up while my boyfriend went to talk to management about the issue. After getting out of the bathroom, the issue was not resolved. No apology was given. No compensation was offered and my boyfriend while talking to the manager explaining that I'm a vegetarian, The manager said "whats the big deal?" I brought my salad to the counter and explained that I would like a refund because I'm not eating the rest of the salad. The young girl at the register wanted to know if I wanted another salad instead. I told her absolutely not.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Toms River, NJ I told her that I just got done getting sick in the bathroom and I do not have an appetite anymore. Meanwhile this is happening, the manager is staring at us from the back of the kitchen not saying anything at all. The lady gave us a refund with an attitude after I told her we NEEDED one and still NO APOLOGY was given. She actually got loud with us. Now that we are walking out of the store, there was a nice girl that apologize on behalf of her staff she works with that wasn't even involved in the situation. After this experience, I will be telling everyone not to go to this establishment. This is a huge mistake to be made in a food industry. I understand mistakes happen but the service that was given to us afterwards was unexceptable. I had to explain to that young lady that I was getting sick in the bathroom and demand a refund? Nothing was even offered to us besides another salad after I'm vomiting! I will be sick for the rest of the day if not DAYS because of this and not even given an apology. Gazelle was the girl that took our order and refunded us. Russell was the manager on while this happened. And Alessia was the very nice girl that apologized to us while we were leaving.

Jul 26, 2018

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