SM Supermallsdurian packed fruit bought at sm hypermarket edsa main

My husband bought a pack of durian fruit from SM Hypermarket Edsa Main just this afternoon. My daughter and my husband started eating it when my daughter complained that the fruit tasted weird like plastic. When my husband tasted it, he realized that something's wrong with the fruit and told my daughter to stop eating the fruit. My husband let me tasted the fruit and told him that the durian tasted like a spoiled fruit. Usually that kind of taste of durian was frozen, then it was not properly handled and was exposed to sunlight - this makes the durian spoil. Also, we noticed that the packed date was dated April 13. Which is the date tomorrow since it's only April 12. This made us more concerned as this is actually luring your customers saying that it's a fresh product but truthfully it's not. My husband decided to go back to your branch and spoke to the supervisor. The staff apologized and informed my husband that they can't replace the product with the same item. Hence, it was replaced with packed mixed fruits. It is no problem for us that it was replaced with a different one. What we are concerned of is the fact that the packed date is not true and the supervisor is saying that it's only a system error. How can there be an error if you are dealing with food and this is very crucial to your customers?! Food is not a joke to consumers and your business is actually to serve your consumers. I am not taking this lightly as I have a 1 year old kid as well. I hope that this will have your immediate attention as this report does not only concern me, but all the consumers as well. This is actually faking the dates of your products so we, consumers can buy your spoiled products. I believe this is not an approved process by our government agencies that concern the safety of the food that is sold in the market.

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Apr 12, 2018

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