Slumberland Furniture / Poor quality furniture and furniture care warranty they offer is totally worthless!!

Madison, WI, United States
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Less than 2 years ago I purchased a Hughes couch (as well as a matching chair and ottoman) from Slumberland Furniture. The salesperson talked me into the extended care warranty from Furniture Care. I was told it would take care of any issues I had with the piece including spot care, etc. Recently, the coils / springs on one end of the couch have already gone bad, not to mention various spots from normal day-to-day living. Bear in mind there is only one person and no pets in this home so it does not get an inordinate amount of use. When I called Slumberland Customer Service I was told the Hughes warranty only was valid for one year. (Obviously not much confidence in their product!) I was given the contact information for Furniture Care, the extended warranty. Megan, the person I spoke with, confirmed they did nothing about the broken coils, and regarding the spots I had to advise them within 14 days of noticing. What possible difference does it make how quickly I advise them? Clearly the quality of furniture offered by Slumberland is subpar and the extended warranty is a total scam. Stay away from both!!!

Jan 28, 2017

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