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Non-existant customer care. Sales people mis-represent conditions and factory takes no remedial action. Response is "you should read the contract before signing". Bought a bed in Utah while traveling. Sales person stated sale was about to end. Informed him we wouldn't be returning to our Florida home for 2 months. He said 30 day trial would begin when we arrived home. Everything was returnable during the trial period. Called today to inform Select Comfort of the beginning of my trial period since I would be back home in 5 days. I was told my trial period was over and even if it wasn't, the base was not returnable since it was "a factory close out". I threatened to return the unopened boxes and told it would not be accepted. Told them of salesperson's representations to which they responded "I must have misunderstood him". My wife and I had salesman repeat his statements before signing. It appears that the sales staff is permitted to say whatever it takes to close the deal without fear of management oversight.
Here I am as a new customer who has yet to sleep on their bed and I am totally turned off. This is NOT A CUSTOMER ORIENTED COMPANY. If you value service, shop elsewhere.

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  • Jm
      Jun 03, 2011

    Now you havent' tried the product (which we love), I agree with you on the customer service issue. Sleep Number has to come down from the clouds and realize that customer service is number one in sales and retaining customers. The product can be ok but if you have excellent customer service people will keep coming back. As I mentioned in my post my husband and I will not use them again. Sorry about your troubles with them, I wish you the best.

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  • Eu
      Jan 13, 2016

    As a Sleep Number customer for over 12 years I can say that from a Customer Oriented company Sleep Number has DROPPED to a company only interested in SALES, NOT SERVICE! Still waiting after more than two weeks for the MISSING PARTS due to them using THREE small pieces of Scotch TAPE to seal a base box weighing more than 50 pounds! Complete cretins employed by this company! Waited 1 hr and 45 minutes to talk to a person, counting down from customer #26, when I reached #1, the phone answered and then CUT ME OFF! Went online for a CHAT, waited 1 hr and 15 minutes, at last chat started, told the person my problem...he said "What do YOU expect me to do about it, you have to CALL Customer Service!" Yes, a completely useless company when it comes to Customer Service! Still doing without my bed awaiting the parts LOST when the box wasn't sealed properly...YES they process your CHECK FAST, but that's when the Customer Service ENDS!

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