Sleep Number Bed / Sink into a hole

LA, United States

We purchased a sleep number bed less than 6 months ago. My husband has not been able to sleep one whole night in it. I think I may have tried 6 full nights. The mattress sinks in the middle. No matter what the settings are, you roll toward the center. (By the way, don't get fooled by the advertisement with the little hand held device with the numbers on it- This only comes with the very top of the line at an extra price) The device that comes with the set up shows either up or down. You have to guess what your setting is each time you want to change it. This mattress is nothing but a glorified air mattress. They don't tell you that in the advertisements.
I have been in contact with the company a number of times and the best thing they can offer to fix my problem is to charge me $170.00 to have someone come and put something on the mattress which may or may not solve my problem. this would be to construct some kind of air chamber to eliminate the rolling sensation. Evidently they have had the problem before if they offered me this solution. I was stunned at the cost and told them to never mind that I would keep the set as a reminder never to be so stupid as to pay cash for something that expensive without having talked to someone who has one.
Please note: I can't even switch out the bedroom set with the one in my spare bedroom cause the technical set up takes an expert to break it down and reinstall.


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